Best Toy Ever – For Toddlers of a Certain Age

What is the best toy ever? Lego? Meccano? Wooden Blocks? No. None of the above. I guarantee that if your toddler were given the choice between any of those famous toys that they would make a bee-line for this set of cheap tat…

Amazingly kids of a certain age prefer these to any other “toy”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you a set of plastic coasters! Vintage early 1980s. Made from tough non-flexible plastic. The kind of “gift” you might have picked up after getting a full house in a seaside bingo hall when you were a kid. Trust me. All the kids love these coasters and they prefer them to any other so called toy. Is it the way they stack (and unstack)? Is it the loud noise they make when you drop them? It is difficult to say but whatever the fascination there seems to be something unique about this set of coasters. Because between the ages of being able to walk and talk this is the one ‘gift’ that the toddler would prefer over the box that it comes in. Seriously. It is that good.

Here’s exactly what they would think:

“What’s this box? Hmm…no.”
“Wait a minute. What’s this inside?
“A tough plastic set of stackable coasters? Yeeeees!!! Now we are talking. Awesome!”

Well tested…

I am sure there are plenty of similar sets available in the various pound shops and discount bargain stores. This particular set of fine coasters was a Christmas present given to my mum by an ex-girlfriend of mine way back in the early 80s. At least that is the closest my mum can come to remembering. Well done mum. I certainly would never have remembered that.

This set of coasters has been played with by so many kids who have passed through my mum’s house. The toy test has been well proven over the years. From my many younger cousins and nephews right through to more recent times; the kids of my younger cousins and nephews. Two generations of kids have loved these coasters.

Still doing their original job…

They have also fulfilled their original purpose of protecting the wooden coffee tables from a hot cup of tea. They have provided protection from many a hot brew vessel including at least one 100% original “I Shot J.R.” mug.

How many sets of coasters have that claim to fame?


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