Gender Equality: Why men and women can never be equal.

There seems to have been a lot about equality between the sexes in the media recently. Maybe it’s always there in the background and I have only picked up on it more recently. One thing is for sure; the hard-line gender equality debate has overtaken what is often referred to as the old (and much softer) ‘battle of the sexes’.

There are always stories doing the rounds about the “gender pay gap” and gender inequality when it comes to promotion. The media are even giving air time to some lunatics who are raising their kids to be “gender neutral”. They think that if we all did this it would give boys and girls (although you are not actually allowed to refer to your offspring in those words) an equal chance in life. Can you believe that!? I don’t want to but sadly it’s true. Such people are out there.

As hard as it is to accept, the truth is that men and women will never be equal. To put it simply they cannot ever be equal. Not a chance.

Name Calling….

Right. I can hear people calling me now. Sexist, bigot, anti-woman, dinosaur, mysoginist, male chauvinist pig (oh, now there’s one you don’t hear that one much these days. I wonder why?)

Now just for the record; it should be obvious from my age that I grew up in the era of “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me”. I could not tell you how many times I heard that phrase when I was growing up. Either myself or other kids saying it. Often parents, drumming it into their children. And guess what? It really is true despite what the social engineers try to tell children today. It worked back then and could work again given the chance. Fat chance though. To use a favourite quote of boxing promoter Don King: ‘The chances of that are slim to none. And Slim just left town.’

But let’s not get too carried away. For anyone even thinking of calling me names I suggest you continue reading…

How? Why?

“So” I hear you say. “How is it that men and women can never hope to be equal?”

I am going to explain and it is incredibly simple.

Young children need their mother more than their father. It’s called nature. It’s the way it is. It does not matter one tiny bit how much we men think we can do the same job as a mother; we can’t. Accept it fellas. We cannot compete with women in this arena and usually come a very distant second. How simple do you need this explanation to be?

It doesn’t make me envious of Dani’s mother. It is a reality however and I just accept it. That is not to say that it makes me feel a little inadequate at times. When he has been hurt or upset and only his mum will do I can’t help feeling a little useless. While he is so young I too want to be able to console him, cuddle him and let him know that I am also there for him. Sadly, the truth is that in those tender years there is nothing a dad can do to compete with the mother. Nothing. Nada. Zero, zip and sweet FA.

There are of course times when the mother can’t be there (some, often sad, cases when the mother is no longer there) and men do try their best. But it is definitely not the same. When kids get older this natural instinct (for that is what it is) becomes less obvious. Less automatic. At some point it appears to cease altogether; but does it really go away completely?

Obviously, no mother can be on hand 24/7, 365. At such times, children of a certain age will allow themselves to be comforted by their dad (or grandparent etc…). Given the choice however they will always instinctively head for their mother.

That’s a fact of life fellas so just accept it. In the ‘Game of Life’ we are second best in that event and always will be.

On the other hand we could all march through the streets demanding equality. But what would be the point? Trust me. We can never hope to be that equal.

8 thoughts on “Gender Equality: Why men and women can never be equal.

  1. Another good read Sid. But a lot
    Of people will want an explanation about gender pay gaps / promotion Tec that ‘they’say are not equal.

    1. For me the pay gap thing is a bit of a myth because it has been illegal for many years in the UK to pay a man more than a woman for doing the same job. Therefore if this is happening then there is nothing stopping a woman taking her employer to court (and they would win). The cases (if that is the right word) you hear about tend to be where the “employees” are recruited through agencies and the “job descriptions” can be different. But for most jobs the pay will be the same. Are Firewomen paid less than Firemen for example?

  2. I suppose in the majority of cases you could be right. But some mothers dont cut the mustard and a child will go to the person that nurtures them most. When it comes to pay/job equality then men are definately winning that one

    1. A fair point. Regarding pay: It is already illegal to pay a man more than a woman for doing the exact same job (in the UK anyway) and has been for many years.

  3. Bloody good post , you hit the nail on the head brother . The mainstream left waffle and the movement of me too et etc etc , for those confused .com generation tit folks forget that since the year dot – we have as men and women been paying attention to and respecting our differences in roles etc , it’s natures way. Why do I feel I’ll when I see women being elevated into masculinity, yes be robust and strong by all means by still know your place .

    1. So what is know your place? what place do you propose that to be? different societies, different cultures etc would have different ideas on what that would be. Not all women want to be mothers. Some do . That’s their choice. I’d rather people have no children than have them and don’t want them. Leave people alone, let them choose their own life chances .

      1. I agree. I think Simon was generalising with the “know your place” comment. At least that is how I understood it. But yes, not all of us are the same and we each want different things (although for the majority that means only slightly different). As I replied to Simon, I like the fact that men and women are different.

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