Another Kid’s TV Show Review

I thought it was time to do another review of kid’s TV shows so here goes…

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

This was already discussed in the original review article but is worth revisiting. There are only two series so we are not behind the UK on Spanish TV with this show. There are however 52 episodes in each series so lots to see and enjoy.

The later episodes from the first series and those from the second series are a huge improvement on the early ones I saw. The writers seem to have developed a real life competitive banter between the elves and the fairies.

Even Nanny Plum (one of the main fairy characters) no longer annoys me. Her character seems to have developed into a sarcastic piss-taker. The cutting banter between Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf is something I now look forward to watching. It has almost become a classic battle of the sexes played out under the guise of fairies versus elves. Entertaining for toddlers and great fun for the parents.

Meanwhile, even though it is made by the same people and the toddlers love it, Peppa Pig is still rubbish.

Danger Mouse (DM)

He’s still the greatest. He’s still fantastic. And wherever there is danger he’ll still be there. Yes, Danger Mouse is back for a new generation. The reboot started seventeen months ago but I only discovered this recently.

Dani’s oldest cousin (very soon to be 35) used to love the original series. Back then Danger Mouse (or DM as he is fondly called was voiced by the national treasure that is David Jason – the same year he started Only Fool and Horses.

I recently watched some of the original episodes on Youtube – purely for research purposes of course. It is fair to say that the new series retains the same level of wit as the original – at least as far as I can recall. All the old characters are there and even sound the same despite being voiced by different actors. He drives the same (ish!) yellow sports car and operates out of a red post box with his sidekick Penfold.

Dani is slowly but surely getting into this cartoon and his old dad is glad. I liked it back in the 80s and I like it now.

Sherlock Yak – Zoo Detective.

Yes. If you have never heard of this show you definitely read that correctly.

As Dani only pays a little attention to this show I also have not had chance to get into it fully. However, the concept is quite clever and the bits I have watched properly tell me that it deserves further investigation (no pun intended).

The lead character is a yak called Sherlock who wears the classic Sherlock Holmes deer stalker and plays the bagpipes badly. I have a feeling that Dani will be watching this one with a lot more interest in the near future.

Incidentally at the end of each episode Sherlock Yak explains the crime and how he solves it. Annoyingly, of the odd stories that I have (half) watched I have not managed to work out whodunit! I put that down to not being allowed to watch them properly. Dani’s fault -naturally.

Ash Wednesday – Now I Know

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday (aka pancake day in the UK) and we made pancakes for the second time. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and not being particularly religious (or at all even) I never really knew what Ash Wednesday was all about. I understood the Shrove Tuesday thing about clearing out your larder in preparation for Lent, the fasting that leads up to Easter. But Ash Wednesday was something that I knew nothing. I knew exactly when it was – the first day of Lent of course – but I had never even bothered to question why it was so called. How lazy am I? Well now thanks to Dani I know.

Now that Dani is in a catholic faith based school these things will be much more in my face (no pun intended…read on). The day is also known as Day of Ashes. It is not mentioned in the bible and so not all Christian denominations celebrate it.

Yesterday Dani had ash dabbed on his head. Not exactly sure where because as this is school (aka Fight Club) we are talking about he never really divulges much information. (Please read my article on his first day of school regarding Fight Club)

The ashes are supposedly made from burning palm branches from the previous year’s Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter). When the ashes are placed on the heads of those participating the priest tells them to “remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return”.

The usual practice in church is for the priest to use ash to draw the symbol of a cross on the forehead. In schools when they are so young this is not usually even attempted as the kids will just instantly smudge the ash and it may end up in their eyes. So, I am told, they simply dab a little in their hair which is hardly noticeable. I certainly could not detect any on Dani.

It is not only Dani who is learning new things from being in school. His old dad is learning things he should have known about long ago…but for whatever reason never did.