Hi there,

We have been living in Sydney Australia for almost five months over two years now.

I will keep the old “About” page stuff intact below as I think it is historical for Dani to read when he is older. Basically Dani’s mum’s work ha brought us to the far side of the planet (for us at least). It seemed like a great opportunity for Dani to see a different way of life in a huge country with a weird accent. Dani has settled in to his new school and seems to be using English as a first language now rather than Spanish. And yes, he is picking up that accent.

We moved here two months after Dani’s sixth birthday.

Updated Intro….

I wrote the introduction below almost 3 years ago. In about two weeks’ time Dani will be 5 years old. So I thought I had better update this page.

That year’s sabbatical actually turned into 18 months (for reasons more or less explained in one of the posts). Now I am looking at short term contract work with a view to some kind of retirement and spending as much time with my son as possible.

A lot has happened since I started this Blog and the time really has gone so quickly. That said, everything I wrote below when I started, still stands. So on that basis I don’t want to change it… Please read on.

Original Intro….

I’m Chris, a first time dad in his 50s. This year I decided to take a year out of the workplace to spend more time with my 2 year old son Daniel (we call him Dani). We live in Madrid, Spain, with his mother Beatriz.

The main reason is very simple. Time.

Time is the biggest enemy/factor. Biggest and very real. While Dani is only 2 years old I will be 52 in a few months. With almost 50 years between us I am indeed an old dad.

This Blog is about my hopes and fears for Dani. It is all about wanting to be around for him more than a working dad could possibly be.

We will be moving between Spain and the UK. Dani will have the best (and I suppose the worst) of both worlds.  There will be posts highlighting the differences in culture between the two countries and hopefully many other interesting posts related (sometimes very loosely I admit) to raising a young child between two different countries, cultures and languages.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Brave move and probably prove more of a challenge than some of your past work projects! Look forward to reading the adventures/capers you both get up to. Good luck!


    1. Yes indeed. The health and particularly the safety challenges are now huge. He fell off the sofa today but it was a quick recovery.
      Even though there were other adults closer to him he cried out for his “papá”. Nice boy!!


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