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Previous posts have focussed on Dani being a little kitchen helper. Well, we keep him safely where we want him in his very own “kitchen helper” – a purpose built protective platform.

This was home-made and based on an idea from a great website. If you don’t already know about it let me introduce you to the fantastic website Ikea Hackers (www.Ikeahackers.net).

If you have not yet checked this site out then I suggest that you do so. It is full of great ideas. Some off the wall or a bit wacky but others are genuinely useful.

Let me get one thing straight first of all. I will admit that I am not the biggest Ikea fan and I genuinely do not like shopping there (dread it most of the time). However, I do appreciate that:

  1. They do have a lot of good items amongst all the everyday tat – the better stuff just takes some finding.
  2. They have a lot of very cheap tat that can be easily converted in something useful and/or different
  3. If you go at off peak times then it is possible to get in, get what you want and get out very quickly and efficiently. So nothing to fear really.

I have bought and modified some Ikea products myself in the past (out of necessity) and have been a regular DIYer over the years so I find this site very interesting. Among the plethora of “hacks” on the site there are always enough thought provoking and inspiring ideas.

You can make something that you previously thought you couldn’t buy or find. And using Ikea products it is cheap too. So I actually love this site!

At this point it is important to point out that Ikea Hackers is not at all related to the Ikea company. Anyway all this is explained in the Ikea Hackers website so there is no need for me to go any further.

The best thing about those little flat-pack self-assembly boxes is that Dani wants to join in and help to make them.

Dani’s kitchen helper platform was made from a very common Ikea step stool – costing less than 13 Euros – and a bit of spare wood. Of course now we no longer have a small step stool.

kitchen helper hack

Great business for Ikea eh? Many of their most useful products will now sell twice. One for hacking and one for its intended use.

Incidentally, that “kitchen helper” seems to be an American name and they sell online for over $150. Food for thought eh?



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