Beards – An Update…

For those of you out there who have been wondering what has happened to all the facial hair here is a quick update. The big shave-off challenge has been postponed until my next visit to the UK. This will be the 2nd week in April just over a week’s time.

The reason is because Gillette have sent their blades to my UK address/contact. Dani’s nanna’s house. My fault for not coordinating things very well. However, very soon I should then be in a position to do an evenly matched shaving challenge as Gillette have also supplied their 5 bladed weapon.

I definitely need to shave off this facial hair. Dani is calling me “Chewbacca face”. Yes, he is already into Star Wars and Chewie is his favourite character. He clearly doesn’t understand it though as he seems to think Darth Vader is also “nice”. More on that one at a later date.

The hair under my chin is spreading like something out of Planet of the Apes. Far thicker growth than I had expected. Incidentally, Dani has also watched Planet of the Apes and liked it! The real one with Charlton Heston of course.

I feel a movie post coming on….

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