Bath-time: A Battle of Wits.

Bath-time used to be so much fun.

When Dani could fit in one of those moulded plastic tubs he would sit there laughing and splashing. When he got too big for his baby bath he had to sit in the real bath. Things were OK for a short while but soon after he suddenly decided that he hated water on his head. Washing his hair became a nightmare. Bath-time was now a battle of wits.

I can remember hating having my hair washed when I was young. My mum used to have to lie me down on my back, head leaning into the sink so that the water would not run over my face. A bit like being pampered in the hairdressers. According to Dani’s Spanish grandmother, his mother had the same bath-time phobia.

I tried various things. Rather than holding him with his face pointing upwards and pouring water over his head I used the sponge to gently wet his hair. I persuaded him that if he leaned back the water would not fall down his face. A simple instruction – “Head back!” – worked for some time. However that one has run its course.

“Head back no!” he will now say. Followed by some serious screaming and fighting.

“Head back? Noooo.” I tell him. “There is a much better way”.

“Chin up!” I tell him as I ease his head into the right position.

At the moment this seems to be working. How long before he says “Chin up. No!”? What then? I think this is going to be an ongoing battle.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make washing his hair easier?

4 thoughts on “Bath-time: A Battle of Wits.

  1. Shave it all off and wipe head with flannel, well rung out so no drips onto face LOL

    1. Well short of shaving it all off I have already tried that technique and it works quite well. Adding more water each time we finally get his hair washed.

  2. With Stanley, we’ve done a lot of splashing so he’s used to having his face wet, which he seems to find funny at the moment (this could all change in an instant of course, probably mid-bathing session!). If I wash his hair I am very gentle and tend to take too long – no time for this delicate touch apparently. His dad is super fast and just gets it done in seconds and Stanley doesn’t even know what’s happened until it’s over LOL

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