How Time Flies

Everyone seems to tell you the same thing when you have a young child. Time flies! Well June came and went extremely quickly this year. And half of July has also gone. But now I am back on the keyboard.


The reason I have not been writing over this past month or so is mainly due to travelling. Three trips to the UK and a holiday to France. Well really that should read “Road Trip” to France. I went with five friends – themselves old dads, although with kids much older than Dani. Using the flimsy excuse of going to a football tournament we set out in a 6 berth campervan (owned by one of the lads) taking in football, beer and beaches. Or so we thought. The weather put a stop to the third item on the agenda. I may need to post a few more details on the road trip. Maybe I could call it “Old dads hit the road”…


Meanwhile the UK has voted for “Brexit” and I for one am happy they did. You may find that a little odd considering I am living with my Spanish son, in Spain. Well I happen to think that Spain too would be better off at least partly detaching itself from the centrally controlled EU.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a political platform but I feel that I should post something about the Brexit vote at some point.  After all I did say when I started this blog that Dani, being half Spanish and half British, should have the best – but unfortunately also the worst – of both worlds.

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