School Looms Large – A Key Milestone for Dani

Tomorrow is a big day in the little man’s life. It will be his first day of full time school.

Still over two months to his 3rd birthday but yes; he has to start full time school and I still think it is ridiculous. I discussed this some time ago in previous posts (Schools-Part-1 for example) so I won’t go over old ground.

Dani loves everything (well most of the time) in that innocent child-like way and we are sending him off to school from 9 till 5 when he has only recently graduated from the nappy to the toilet seat. It is a long day for the little fella and it still doesn’t feel right to me. But this is perfectly acceptable in Spain. Expected of course. It is the norm. I am reminded of that famous Supertramp track – The Logical Song: “Then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical…” Not one of my favourite Supertramp songs but taken from one of their two best albums (in my opinion) and one that I own. How many times I must have heard that song! I feel guilty now that I will be packing Dani off to school.

My first day…

I just hope he likes it as much as I enjoyed my first day at full time school. Although of course I was almost twice his age! I had already been to nursery – or play-school as it was known back then. Not that full time school was not all about play. I remember in detail my first moments of full time school. All the mums dropping their kids off. Some kids clinging like barnacles to their mothers and screaming not to be left there. I can remember walking in and seeing all the toys, games and books there and thinking ‘This is great. They let you play with all these toys and books. What’s not to like?’. I thought ‘why on earth are these kids crying like they are being sent to be tortured? What is wrong with them?’

I hope more than anything that he does not get stressed out by it all and does not end up crying for his mama (or mummy as he now often calls her) because he can be very strong willed and if he does not like something he will take some calming down. Still I am sure that he will not be the first hard case they have had to deal with. That is what they get paid to do and they do charge enough for the privilege.

Time will tell…

The most likely outcome I think is that he will appear fine on his first day but will show far more resistance the following day(s)….

Poor little boy. I do feel sorry for him though. It really is too young for such a challenging full on day of school; play or otherwise…

I recently checked his timetable online. Most days start with German classes. How crazy is that? I could say plenty of things about it. Like the fact that some of Dani’s forefathers fought (and won) so that all of Europe does not have to speak German. Well at least that is one un-politically correct take on it. In any case he may like it and that would be another language skill– which is of course the whole purpose of exposing kids to those classes at such an early age. Or so they say… Time will tell.

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