First Full Week of School Begins

So the first week of school for Dani has come to an end.

On Friday the local TV channel (Telemadrid) filmed an article from the school. We were informed by email and were not sure if it was to be about a child’s first days of full time education or returning to school after the long summer holidays.

It’s going to be a long haul…

It was a short week of course just the three days to gradually ease the little monkeys into the swing of things. Only about another 2716 schooldays left before he can legally go out and find a job. Give or take a few days of course.  This is only a quick approximation.

It sounds a long time when put in those terms. It is indeed a long time. A full 14 years at least. I am not even sure whether in Spain they are allowed to finish school at 16 years of age or not. These things can change so not even Dani’s mum knows. There has been similar talk of raising the school leaving age to 18 in the UK in recent years. That may not be such a bad thing in principle but I cannot see it working in practice. Most kids just don’t want to be there – in some cases right from their first day to the last. Initially (when they are small) that will be because they want to stay at home. That is understandable for the little ones. By the time they reach secondary school many just want to get out into the big bad word and make their way.

Meet the teachers

On Saturday we had a chance to meet the teachers and staff at the school. It gave me the chance to understand what they do and have another look around. It is a nice school and I think he will be OK there once he settles in. It gave parents a chance to ask a few questions etc… Dani’s English teacher is an American lady, Miss Jennie. I wonder how long it is before he comes home using an American expression or accent. That might annoy somebody eh? I wonder who?

It turns out that the TV company filmed in one of the older classrooms. It seems that Dani’s TV debut will have to wait.

One of my concerns was that Dani is such a slow eater and we have no feedback into how much of his lunch he has eaten. The canteen is pleasant enough and the “ladies in white” assured us that he is not the only slow eater and that they help them when needed. The kids even have those partitioned metal trays. You know, those beat up looking divided dinner trays just like you see in the movies. Prison movies that is! It made me laugh anyway.

Onto the first full week…

It is already becoming like a day prison for Dani. Monday morning and he had no hesitation in saying it the moment he woke (or rather was woken). “I don’t want to go to school.” And this is only the start of his first full week.

He cried when he was dropped off and I feel sure it is now going to be more difficult. Reality has kicked in. He knows. Maybe he has worked out the number of days and is counting back from 2716 (or thereabouts)?

Time. Time. Time…

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  1. Awww 🙁 I was a bit worried about the ladies in white helping the slow eaters LOL visions of rubber hoses and plastic funnels!!

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