Busy Time of Year… When you are 3 Years Old

One thing after another…

The little fella has certainly been busy lately. After meeting the Three Kings yesterday Dani went directly to the theatre to see a puppet show. The show was set up by the same cultural centre that staged the family rock concert recently.

We met Dani’s grandmother and his little cousin Susana who was with her other (paternal) grandmother. Susana is 3½ months older than Dani. That’s quite significant at that young age. She has loved watching cartoon movies for some time whereas Dani has only recently taken to them. Admittedly he is trying to make up for lost time with daily doses of Sleeping Beauty and Jungle Book! Basically I knew Susana would be riveted to the seat but I wasn’t sure if Dani would be restless.

Never shut up…

To say Dani loved the puppet show is an understatement. It was as if the rest of the audience was blind and he was giving them a running commentary. Every time a puppet “came to life” he shouted out what it was doing and what might happen. By the end of the show other kids – older than Dani – were doing the same.

It was a well planned performance by three puppeteers who made full use of the excellent stage setting and props. All amazingly free of charge. Well someone’s taxes will have paid for it all but “free at the point of entry” as they say. I have to say that by the end of the show I would have paid for it. It seems that the show was organised in a rush as some kind of dress rehearsal for another show they are performing tonight (or soon). Great opportunity – not missed!

Front Row…

Even better we had front row seats. Susana sat there, arms on the high (for her) armrests, excited but transfixed by the live performance. Pretty much as you would expect a three year old to be. Meanwhile Dani never kept still and was  extremely excited and animated the whole time. Sadly though there were not too many people there. It was a shame for the cast, but it gave them a chance to meet us all in the foyer after the show with some of their monster puppets. Even more excitement and animation for Dani !!

It had all been staged fairly last minute so not too many had heard about it. Fortunately Dani’s Spanish grandmother frequents the cultural centre so she tends to be aware of such events. Dani will certainly want to go back for more…

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