Don’t Try This at Home

I have read quite a lot of stuff in other Blogs recently about what games/toys kids should play with and how they should play with them. Gender related nonsense and tales of stereotyping. You know the kind of thing I am talking about.

Well here’s a typical dad and lad game that me and Dani enjoy. It is loosely based on the American wrestling, WWE TV shows. That stands for World Wrestling Entertainment in case you didn’t know.


If you have seen the WWE Smackdown/Smackdown Live shows on TV then you will know it is a form of acting. Some of the things they come out with before they even get into the ring are worthy of an Oscar nomination. You will probably be either the type of person who immediately turns it off, or a big fan. There would seem to be no in-between… But wait; there is a middle ground right here… We like it; and what’s more we like to play it.

They go to great pains (no pun intended) to point out that the stars of the show are highly trained athletes. And they truly are despite what the critics may say. Of course there is some acting and of course there are plenty of pre-scripted/agreed moves. However only a fool would deny that these guys are fit and highly trained athletes. Imagine you weigh more than 250 pounds and are picked up by someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (now better known as a real Hollywood actor), lifted above his head and thrown onto your back. It doesn’t get any more real. That sort of thing f*****g hurts and these wrestlers are injured on a regular basis. Hence the pause for thought during the programming:

The message is clear: “Do Not Try this at Home/School”.

Wise words. Good advice for the kids watching. But that does not stop me and Dani having fun.


Not the square ring on the TV but the square bed in the bedroom. That is where it is safe for us to smack each other down. When I smack Dani down I follow it up with lots of tickles. He laughs so much he can hardly beg me to stop.

“Smackdown-Tickledown Dani?” I say. And off he runs to the bed, taking his shoes/slippers off.

Smackdown – Tickledown – Horsey Ride

Kids are great at changing things. The game has evolved. A bit of smackdown followed by a lot of tickling was what Dani got. What he wanted was to smack me down then jump on my back and tell me (not ask mind) to get up like a horse. Now it ends in horse rides and the “horse” throwing Dani onto the bed. Rodeo style. Yeehaaaa!! He laughs as much as if he was being tickled. Of course the inevitable has happened. Dani has been thrown from the wrong side of the horse where there was less bed and more floor. Only once though. And like a true warrior he got up and did it all again – after a few tears, naturally.

Not Only for Boys…

Before anyone starts going on about how play fighting is such a stereotypical male form of fun, think again. I am sure any parent and daughter would enjoy a game of Smackdown-Tickledown-Horseyride. Who wouldn’t?

And by the way: The women are even better to watch on the Smackdown TV shows. Well at least this old dad thinks so. I certainly would not like to argue with them.

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