The M&M’s Rock Stars – Not Exactly Sweet Music

Before they get completely destroyed I wanted to film some of Dani’s favourite toys. These are the M&M’s Rock Stars that were sold recently. They came with a pack of M&M’s sweets. I ate the sweets but that didn’t bother Dani as he loves these noisy little toys. I doubt he ever realised they came with sweets.

Did I say noisy? Well I meant too noisy. Especially when they are repeatedly played which Dani has a wont to do at times. I had to partially mute the sound by sticking plastic tape over the speakers. The technique worked well but they are still loud enough. Judge for yourselves…

Poor Mr. Sax…

As you can see the oldest one in the collection is the saxophone player. A real pain in the arse to set playing. Not his fault though. he has been royally battered to say the least. His M&M’s logo sticker long since gone. This one was a gift from my mum a while back and long before the other two band members joined the group. You could say he was the founding member.

I saw that all three are being sold as a group on Amazon (USA) for $69 so I thought I would check their UK site. Would you believe that the drummer is for sale on Amazon (UK) for over £100? One hundred quid! Right. That’s the last time Dani touches him. Pass me the bubble wrap. Oddly enough only the drummer was for sale on the UK site.

Not a good band…

Dani’s favourite trick is to set them all off simultaneously. Or as close together as possible. Not as easy as it sounds… Not while Mr. Sax is half way to the knacker’s yard.

Clearly there are band disagreements. We are talking Lennon and McCartney (in the Yoko years!) times 1000 here. Just listen to the total lack of harmony. Who at M&M’s thought it was a good idea to market them as a group and have them all playing different music? Some tone deaf bastard for sure. Again, you be the judge…


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