Typical Weekend Diary of a Toddler

Another Busy Weekend

The life of a toddler usually means a full diary. Especially at weekends. This last weekend was no exception.

Saturday Morning…

I remain unconvinced that Dani is going to the right school. So we went to visit another school mainly because it had an open day. Also from what I had seen on their website it seemed interesting. It was well organised but this “open day” seemed to be aimed more at older kids. It was a chance to have a good look around and check out the facilities but not to see the classes in action as you can during a school day. For me that is the most important thing at Dani’s age. The science labs etc. can wait for now. Still, Dani had lots of fun playing with robots and building with Lego. There was also a magician show and bouncy castles. And what self-respecting toddler doesn’t love a bouncy castle?. I may have to revisit and make a personal appointment on a school day.

Saturday Afternoon…

In the afternoon we went to a two year old’s birthday party. Catherine is the daughter of a friend of mine, Colin. He met Catherine’s mother Evelyn while on a stag do over in Madrid several years ago when I was working here on some old project. I took Colin to the disco where they met. The rest, as they say, is history. They live in England but Catherine (and her mum) has family in Madrid so they all come over from time to time.

Despite only having a short siesta Dani managed to stay awake till very late. We left after 11pm and he managed to stay awake all the way home by talking to himself in the back of the car like some old drunk. Hilarious to listen to. He practically recited a full episode of Ben & Holly.

Speaking of drunk; myself and Colin had a few beers. Maybe a few too many? I am just not used to that sort of drinking any more. But it was great to catch up.

Sunday Morning…

On Sunday morning we met with Dani’s cousin Susana again and visited a park known to have a large number of almond trees. At this time of year those trees are in full pink and white blossom so it was very popular. Apart from the usual suspects like joggers, cyclists and dog walkers there were hundreds if not thousands of people simply there to see and photograph the trees. The park is called Quinta de los Molinos and used to be someone’s garden. It once belonged to the Count of Torre Arias, and in 1920 became part of the estate of one César Cort Boti; a famous engineer and architect in Madrid’s history. It was designated a historical park in 1997. We even managed to find a tree for the two cousins to sit in. After the park a quick aperitivo – which in my case was a couple of small beers – then off home to eat.

Sunday Afternoon…

In the afternoon there was another birthday party. Carlos, a classmate of Dani had his 4th birthday. I call him Carlos the giant. This kid is only 8 months older than Dani and while that may be quite significant at that age he is almost twice the size of my boy.

Sadly, Dani’s favourite classmate Clara M was a no-show! Dani didn’t seem to notice though as he was busy playing super-heroes in the padded cell with Carlos and buddies. He almost hadn’t realised at all until we were leaving. Whilst making our exit we briefly spoke to Clara’s friend Paula and that was when it hit him. He left the party place in tears. Fortunately, like most things at that age the tears didn’t last very long.

Thankfully it was almost time for bed. Dani was tired but his old dad was completely knackered.

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