Pride and Parenting

All parents are proud of their kids. Every parent thinks their kid is the best, the cutest, the funniest. We all like to think our children are that bit more special – unique even – in some way (or many ways). Of course we know that most of the time it is not really true but it doesn’t hurt to think that way.

Well here is a genuine tale of parental pride and a child’s uniqueness. What’s more it happens most days.

It goes like this…

One of the best times of the day for me is picking Dani up from school. It’s a happy time for the kids. It’s not just my little lad; it’s the joy on the faces of all the little ones as they are released from the building and spot their mums, dads or grandparents waiting for them.

It is a chaotic time. The door sits atop eight steps. Not a particularly steep set of stairs but for a gang of excited 3, 4 and 5 year olds trying to escape it can get pretty scary. When the door bursts open at 5pm the kids are first ushered out by three of the “ladies in white” (aka assistants). They then form a chain to pass the kids one by one down the steps to the awaiting parents. Usually there are also two or three teachers at the top of stairs acting as crowd control and passing the kids down from the top step. The first link in the chain effectively. As I am sure you can imagine it is often manic.

Time for a Lovely Gesture…

Naturally all the kids are looking for their parents or grandparents and the last thing on their minds is saying anything to the teachers and helpers. Not so Dani. He stops at the top of the stairs scanning around until he sees me. Then makes his way down saying his goodbyes as he is passed down the chain. He makes a determined point of saying “Adios” to each one of them and even adds their names: Adios Julieta. Adios Maria etc…He refuses to budge until they acknowledge him and reply back “Adios Dani”.

He is the only one that bothers to do this. The only one. Not even the kids a year or two older do it. I have observed for some time now and he really is the only one who does this.

I think it is so sweet. It always makes me smile. It also makes the teachers and helpers smile. They still get taken aback slightly when he does it. Maybe it makes them feel appreciated but more probably because none of the other kids do it.  I definitely feel very proud of him when he puts that broad smile on my face.

Why so unique?

I am not sure why he does it though. It is not as if he has been taught specifically to do that. Maybe it’s just a natural reaction from a naturally friendly and chatty little boy. It is just very odd that none of the other kids do it. Surely Dani cannot be the only naturally friendly child in a group of over 100? So why only him?

I am not complaining nor am I concerned. I am however genuinely puzzled why he should be the only one. Is he really that unique? Well, yes! Every other parent seems to think so for their little ones, so why not?

Have your kids ever been the only one to do something like this? If so, why do you think that is? I would love to know.

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