First Bike – Another Landmark

Yesterday we bought Dani his first bike. Things have changed since my day. There is a new type of bike now – called a Training Bike. There are no pedals and no stabilisers. Yes, I know it sounds more like a roller skate than a bike eh? Actually I quite like the idea. You can add pedals later but initially it’s all about the kids getting their balance. The theory being that working pedals is much easier than learning to balance on two wheels. Early indications are good. Dani is getting used to scooting along and lifting his feet. The big first fall is yet to come. Probably just around the next corner so to speak.

The Training Bike

My first bike…

I remember having my first bike. Similar to Dani’s but with pedals and stabilisers. I left it in the front garden one day, not long after mastering riding it without the stabilisers. Back then we lived on the big council estate in the town. It was robbed. My dad took me to the police station where they had a room full of recovered bikes. It seemed back then a lot thieves just nicked a bike to get to their next destination – maybe home – then just ditched them. We reported the bike stolen and they let us look for it in their recovered swag room. It wasn’t there and I remember crying with disappointment. To make me feel better my dad bought me a jigsaw puzzle. Hardly the same as a bike eh? But back then I loved jigsaw puzzles so the buyoff worked well.

I hope I don’t have to do the same with Dani. Although he would easily be bought off. When we were in the shop and he was supposed to be trying out his new bike he kept stopping to check out all the other toys and games they had on offer. Easily distracted? Definitely.



Oddly enough while out training on his bike earlier I saw a man get off his motorbike, go into a shop to buy bread while leaving the motorbike running. There were not many people about but it still caught me by surprise. My first reaction was; “I bet he wouldn’t do that with a car”. Then I wondered; how many opportunistic thieves can even ride a motorbike? I wonder what the chance would be if he tried that where I grew up?

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