Devastating Earthquake in Mexico

The dust has settled and more than 200 are known to have died. That number will rise as many more are missing presumed trapped or worse.

The centre of Mexico has just suffered its worst earthquake since 1985. On the exact same date as that disaster 32 years ago when thousands lost their lives and countless buildings were completely flattened. It was less than 8 months before the football world cup was due to start in Mexico. Yet the Mexican people managed to recover, repair their capital and stage a fantastic football tournament in 1986.

As a consequence of that 1985 tragedy the building regulations were changed but more importantly they were enforced. Probably the reason that this latest quake has not destroyed so many buildings. Despite those efforts some buildings have collapsed and in particular one school is in the news headlines. Many perished when the classrooms came tumbling down. Moving TV pictures show brave citizens helping the emergency services. Gallantly attempting to free those that they know to be trapped beneath the rubble and mangled structure that used to be their classrooms.

My son has relatives in Mexico City, including both of his Godparents. Thankfully they are all fine.

Our thoughts are with all the Mexican people who are once again fighting the forces of nature.

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