One of Those Weeks

This week has been one of those unforgettable weeks in the news – despite many wishing they could actually forget.

There was the mass shooting in Las Vegas (a place I particularly like visiting) and the so called “illegal” referendum in Cataluña – something that being in Spain (and Cataluña is still in Spain) could have some impact on my son’s future. There was even mention of something that most people my age hadn’t heard for a very long time; UDI (Unilaterally Declared Independence). But more about this in a future post to follow soon…

There is a saying that a week is a long time in politics. Well it’s a very long time in a kid’s life. Meanwhile back in 3-year-old land…

When you’re ill, you’re ill…

Last week Dani vomited in school. I never got the full story as his mum forgot to ask. That chance disappeared in an instant of course as there is no way the lad will disclose any sensitive top secret school information.

All we know is that he never made it into one of the courses in the school canteen before boffing all over himself, mostly his trousers.

After school that day he and all his classmates were off to celebrate one of their friends’ birthdays. It was none other than his favourite girl – Clara M. Yes, the wonderful Clara was 4 years old last week. Ok: Possibly his 3rd favourite girl after his mum and his cousin Susana naturally. But that’s only because he spends so much time with those two. Now that school is back no doubt we will start to hear Clara’s name a lot more.

Anyway, I digress slightly. By the time his mum picked him up all the other kids were walking the short distance to the party location. When asked if he felt OK to go all he could say was “No. I want to go home”. Now it’s times like that when you truly know you are ill.

Fortunately, he made it to his swimming class the following day. As they say; “It was probably just a virus”.

Where is small Iron Man?

Speaking of viruses….

Small Iron Man has gone missing and he has been gone for a couple of weeks now. All hope is lost we think. He was part of a box set of (classic-toy-soldier-sized) superheroes, supervillains and accompanying book. I tried to help look for him and asked all the right questions.

“Where did you last see him”

“I don’t remember”

“Who is that one over there?” (pointing to a small figure close to disappearing under the sofa)

“Nick Fury”

“What’s Nick Fury doing there?”

“I don’t know.”

“Right; there’s Captain America, Loki, the Might Thor, Hulk…..Where’s Abomination?”

“I don’t know. I can’t find Abomination either”.

“Ahaa… Maybe the two of them were fighting and fell. Out of the window, maybe, eh?”

“I don’t know”.

Neither have been found. I have been asked to buy a “big” Iron Man – that’s about 12 inches or 30 centimetres by the way.

I seem to recall that those Iron Man suits can be flown independently. Maybe this one took off on its own due to some computer virus infecting the suit’s homing programme. Marvel Malware perhaps? You might think that such hi-tech armour came with a full set of anti-virus software.

It begs the question: Who is in charge of cyber security at Stark Enterprises anyway?




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