Can a Coward be a True Leader?

I never saw that coming….

They say a week is a long time in politics. Well, it is now just over a week since the Catalan separatists supposedly declared independence and not much has happened. As I wrote in the previous post on the Catalan saga, señor Puigdemont made sure that he got his family out of the country before officially doing the deed.

But not even I would have predicted that he himself would run away. What’s more he has ran off to Brussels. So much for “independence” and faith in his own “republic” of Catalonia. At the same time he is telling Catalans to peacefully resist the Spanish government’s take-over of the regions politics and business matters. He insists that he is not seeking asylum but even after the court in Madrid issued a warrant for his arrest (along with several of his colleagues) he is refusing to go.

That is so brave of him don’t you agree?

My best prediction was that he knew that he was already assured hero status. Therefore, after having pressed all the right (or wrong – depending on your view) buttons, he would be a man and face the music. But no it seems he is too much of a coward for that.

Hiding in plain sight in the “capital of Europe” (as he is now calling it), Puigdemont is trying to weasel his way out of a free, all expenses paid break in one of the Spanish state penitentiaries. Apparently, the law is not fair. That’s great. Who wants to rob a bank with me? We may be able to claim that it is not really against the law. Would we get away with it? We all know the answer to that one. So why should the laws of the land not apply to Mr. Puigdemont?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? One law for “us”; one for “them”?

Like that Frenchman….

He reminds me of that other well-known coward Charles de Gaulle who fled to Britain (or wherever) when France was overrun in the 2nd world war. Only to return a “national hero” after Britain and the USA (and other allies) had chased the Germans out of France. Great eh?

It is said that on his return to France he met some of the liberators of his country. When he shook hands with the British servicemen he apparently said something like “Thank you, now f**k off”. This could all be an urban myth of course but I like the story.

Quick lesson in how to be a hero kids: Run away, let someone else do your fighting and return when it is all clear. Not exactly what we should be telling our children is it?

Final thought…

And so, to a final thought. What do the Catalans who voted for this man now think of him? He has left them to face the consequences of his actions, guidance and insistence. Do they consider him an heroic leader. I would love to hear from anyone who still supports him. Can any of you just walk away from your jobs now that the Spanish government is running your region?

My advice to Mr.Puigdemont? Simple. Come back and face the music you wimp.

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