Life and Death at the Shipyard

Sad Week at the Shipyard…

Two days ago one of the shipyard workers died. He fell from scaffolding some 20+ metres up. Not speaking Korean I obviously don’t know the full story. The details are of little importance. The outcome was final.

It’s a sobering thought but hardly a surprise with so many people working on all sizes of structure.

Most of what they do here would not be allowed with the UK’s “Health and Safety” jobsworths. All of that is way out of hand in the “west” I fear. It stops jobs or at best massively increases their cost. That is not to say they work unsafely here. The whole scale of the thing means that there are almost bound to be fatalities at some time. Apparently – although it is only hearsay – one a year.

Senses Working Overtime…

Travelling into work on the bus the next two days I decided to listen to some music on my iPod. Still staring out of the windows as we pass by the hulking metal beasts.

It’s an odd kind of assault on the senses. The Cult’s ‘Love Removal Machine’ playing in your ears and the sight of thousands of Koreans busily pedalling to start work on their bikes. I may try it with some Black Sabbath tomorrow. That should keep me alert.

Container Ships…

You notice things staring out of bus windows every day. There must be at least 10 huge Maersk container ships in various states of build in this yard. Clearly a top client. Easily distinguishable by their bright blue colour.

If the several oil drilling ships moored up is an indication of a low oil price (and subsequent cut backs in exploration) – which it is: Then surely the conveyor belt like construction of huge cargo ships must mean that the thriving business of shipping goods looks set to continue. Expand even. World trade shows no signs of slowing from what I see happening here.

Despite the low oil price there are now many oil platform modules being constructed. Popping up all over the area where we work. I am yet to discover which company – and which country – is having these built. Someone clearly knows something we don’t. Are we set for a hike in the oil price?

Daily Workout…

Finally for a bit of fun….Here is a link to the morning exercise tune which blares out across the shipyard loudspeakers each morning and again after lunch. The Korean workers warm-up.

And yes. They do it!

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