Marbella and Back

Another hectic week of school holidays has been and gone. The previous week we went to stay at Dani’s grandmother’s place in Marbella. It’s only a small apartment but a great location close to the beach and with a fantastic communal pool that the kids love. Dani’s cousin was already there having spent the previous few days alone with her grandmother. Naturally, she was pleased to have someone her own age to play with.

There is something about the beach. When kids reach a certain age they just love it. Being covered in sand – and I do mean covered in it – is now the new normal. Thankfully the beaches are well equipped with showers.

Watching Dani play with his cousin is always funny. Dani is like a starved rat compared to Susana. It’s not that she is overweight. Although she definitely eats more than he does. It’s not that he doesn’t eat. He does; even though it takes an age every mealtime. The main thing is that he clearly burns off everything he eats. It reminds me of that old joke that we used to throw at each other way back when I was a teenager. When a skinny kid had his shirt off playing football someone would always shout “Hey. Put your shirt back on. The cruelty officer is coming.”

Marvel meets Paw Patrol

Despite being like chalk and cheese the two of them get along great. But the differences make for some great entertainment. It’s hilarious listening to them playing with Dani’s toys. Amongst his toys he has two sets of characters; one from Paw Patrol and another of Marvel heroes and villains.

She loves anything to do with animals so wants the pups of Paw Patrol (Dani now thinks they are for babies). Dani meanwhile loves all the superheroes and equally the super-villains. While he crashes around making all the special effects noises that boys tend to do she makes conversation between the pups and superheroes. “Hello little Hulk. Are you the son of that big Hulk?” one pup said to Hulk.

Better for Boys…

Ever since he learnt to use the toilet Dani has thought it was great being able to stand up to pee. Today he tried to convince Susana of one of the advantages of being a boy. She wasn’t impressed.

“It’s better being a boy.”
“Because we can piss standing up.”
“Why is that better?”
“It just is. I can do it anywhere without sitting down. You have to sit down to piss.”
“No. That’s nothing. I like sitting down to do it. “

Then effortlessly back to the Marvel characters. As if nothing had been said.

Wile E Coyote Rules.

The calamitous cartoon coyote is now a firm favourite. Coincidentally, tomorrow, we plan to visit the Warner Bros. theme park (Parque Warner) on the outskirts of Madrid. That should be great fun. I hope they have Wile E Coyote toys in stock. If not, there will be tears.

Watching the cartoons again, many years after seeing them as a child, I wondered if that ACME company was the inspiration for one of the relatively new internet companies like Amazon.

Wouldn’t that be great. I looked it up and apparently Amazon was not inspired by the coyote’s constant use of the ACME delivery service. Shame that. But then I thought; what other huge business ideas may be hidden in these old cartoons? As if I don’t have enough reasons to watch them…

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