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Lego and Star Wars

The Lego collection just gets larger. It is past the point of no return now anyway. The boy loves it and why not? It is still probably the best toy out there. His mum says things like “Stop buying him Lego he has too much”. Since when was there such a thing as too much Lego?

There are two sets of Lego characters vying for top spot in our house. The Marvel super-heroes and the Star Wars mob. Right now it seems Darth Vader and his pals are out in front. I seem to recall reading of how the Star Wars franchise more or less saved Lego from certain collapse. Not sure if it was really that bad but the introduction of the Star Wars models certainly was a tuning point for the plastic brick company.

Then of course Star Wars was bought out by Disney. Then they bought the Marvel franchise – another great Lego set seller. Lego also happen to do a great range of classic Disney (cartoon) sets. It got me thinking. I wonder how long it is before Disney just buy Lego. When you read about that just remember where you heard it first. Hardly insider trading though is it? Almost inevitable.

Visit from Mexico.

A couple of weeks ago Dani had a surprise visit from his Godparents (padrinos) Fersie and Andrés. They had flown over from Mexico for a quick trip to Europe taking in Madrid (as well as London and Paris). It was only a quick visit but Dani thought it was great. It just reminds me that we need to plan a visit to Mexico to see his family out there. He has baby cousins there none of us have met yet.

The (not so) Incredible Hulk.

Yet again the Kiss singer surprised me. I was reading something the other day when I heard Dani singing one of the more well known Kiss hits.

I was made for loving you baby. You were made for loving me.”

Then a sudden crash, bang, wallop. Then came the little voice.

“Paul Stanley just battered the Hulk.”
“What? How did that happen?”
“He was singing to him and when he relaxed he started changing back into Bruce Banner. Then he battered him”.

Classic child’s logic on how to beat the odds. The evidence was there for all to see. The Lego version of Paul Stanley had yet again punched above his weight. The Hulk toy was about 6 times bigger and far more menacing. But clearly that counts for nothing if your opponent has a wealth of daft rock songs in their armoury.

Spoke too soon…

When I wrote about how efficient Gatwick airport is I should have known better… It’s called tempting fate. The next time I flew from there I was delayed. I have to say however that it was the airline and not the airport. For some reason Easyjet seem to get it wrong all too often these days. I can’t quite understand why or how? They hardly ever depart on schedule and their airport based staff do not seem able to handle things very well. Of course I am really only talking about Madrid and Gatwick as these are my start and end points these days. Mind you they still have a long way to go though before I would choose Ryanair.


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