Cheating at Cards

A little bit of cheating at that age is just funny. For some reason little kids cheat. I would have done the same. I am sure there are plenty who don’t but there are definitely plenty that do.

Dani decided we should play with one of his Christmas presents recently. A pack of Star Wars cards. They were not normal playing cards neither were they the ‘Top Trumps’ type. They were a simple set of Star Wars drawings/paintings in about 8 groups of five cards, numbered 1 to 5. Basically, just another excuse to sell something with the Star Wars logo on.

Rigging the deck…

The game is simply to deal out all the cards and each player turns over a card the player with the highest number wins those cards. And so on… easy right?

Dani decided he would deal out the pack. I watched him. He thought I wasn’t looking. It was obviously looking at the cards and ensuring that every card he put in my pile, his was higher.

I decided to do a little cheating of my own. I looked at the next card. It was a “1”. I also looked at the bottom card. Which was a “4”. Dani obviously had at least a “2” for his next play. When he played it I pulled my “4” from the bottom of my cards. He was about to pick up the two cards so convinced was he that he was going to win. Well he had rigged the deal. Hahaa….The look of surprise on his face was fantastic. It was all I could do to stop myself laughing. He had gone too far. If I hadn’t cheated he would have won every round.

The Switch

On the next game he did the same thing. So just before we started the game, I distracted him.
“Look Dani. What are those Lego bodies doing on the floor there? Best pick them up or you’ll lose them.”
When he turned around, I swapped the two hands of cards. When we started the game he turned over a “1”. Mine was a “5”.
I win” I said about to pick up the two cards.
Looking confused for only a short time he said.:
“No wait. You have the wrong cards.”
Then he swapped the two hands. Of course, he went on to win every round.

The funniest part of this tale is that even though he obviously knew that he was going to win he still seemed to enjoy it as if playing for real. It is crazy why we things like that at that age. Boys definitely. When do we grow out of it? I can’t seem to put my finger on that one.

I don’t encourage him to cheat at these silly games but sometimes I let him do it. Or I simply let him win. But having said that I also make sure he knows what it is like to lose. Life is full of ups and downs and losing is a big part of growing up. Especially if it makes you try harder next time.

Art Appreciation for 5-year-olds…

The other day Dani’s cousin Susana went on a school trip. To the Reina Sofia museo (Queen Sofia Museum) no less. Blimey I remember my first ever school trip – if you can call it that! It was to a local park. I think we got a school bus there. However, it is certainly walkable – albeit we were only about 5 or 6 at the time. I also recall vividly that I enjoyed it. Especially seeing the young frogs jumping around near the lake.

For those who do not know the Reina Sofia museum is best known for being Madrid’s main modern art gallery. Among the famous paintings on display is Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

Apparently she now knows about the top three Spanish modern artists. Picasso, Miró and – my particular favourite – Salvador Dalí. She seemed reasonably impressed by it all. As much as a five-year old can be I suppose.

Meanwhile her new born brother, and Dani’s latest cousin, has arrived. Roberto. Dani already has a cousin called Robert in the UK. Now he has a Spanish equivalent. Congratulations to Dani’s auntie Flora and uncle Javi. And of course Susana.

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