Happy Birthday – 3 years old

Happy Birthday (to this blog)

Today this blog is three years old. A little older actually but today marks the third anniversary since the first article was posted. How time flies. It almost seems like only a few weeks ago.


Just as I intended from the off-set; I am doing this for Daniel. Nobody else (although I do find it fun sometimes). So that when he is old enough he can read the articles, see the photos and watch the videos. There are plenty of thing that happen that I just never get around to writing about. I realise that I do not write nearly enough posts – by so called “professional” bloggers’ standards at least. But what the hell? I do it as and when I can; and whenever something happens that I want to record online…

Another intention was that I wanted to highlight things that may affect my son. Even way past my own time… There are a couple of things I have thought about recently that I need to capture in a post or two. Things that often pop up in the news. One such thing is the progress of the electric car. While my opinions are obviously personal on such matters I did manage to get the unwitting help of a well-known electric car manufacturer on this particular one. More to follow on that one…

Sad Hill Film

As I was thinking about writing this ‘birthday’ post, I re-read one of my favourite posts (from last October to be precise). The one about the visit to Sad Hill cemetery. Then I found something on Netflix. There is a documentary film available now called “Unearthing Sad Hill”. It tells the story of how the place was restored by fans of the film. It is quite interesting and anyone who likes that film – and that will surely include most people who have seen it – is sure to find it interesting. If you never saw the post about our visit to Sad Hill cemetery then you can see it here: The Good The Bad and The Ugly post

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