Doctor Dani?

In a recent post I questioned the wisdom that we may impart to our kids about the wonderful world of work…

While I said that my boy was probably too young to be asking for careers advice, he did recently come up with something surprising on that very topic.

This is me.

This year each member of his class has been giving presentations on themselves. Simply called “This is me.” They make a poster and describe themselves, their families and what the like. Even what they might like to do when they leave school and enter the workplace. Recently it was Dani’s turn.

There is the bottom right hand corner of his poster he had drawn his own development. Growing into a doctor. I had no idea. He had never mentioned it. Although he does show a keen interest in the human body including the detailed bits like bones and muscles.

He could choose a worse career for sure. But it’s very early days still and I am sure his career wish-list will change more times than his pyjamas.

If he does become a doctor however I think it would be great for him. And not too bad for me either. He can look after and repair his old dad.

Kids’ Art…

Isn’t the artwork great at that age? Here’s another funny example. Why do young kids draw animals with smiling faces? I really do not know but I can clearly rememebr my youngest sibling – Dani’s auntie – doing the very same thing. I love it.


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