Halloween – First in UK

Dani’s favourite fiesta

He has only been old enough to really get in the party spirit in the past couple of years. But I have missed both of those Halloween nights. So not only was this Dani’s first Halloween in the UK; it was my first proper Halloween with him.

A bit of history…

When I was young I remember first hearing about ‘trick or treat’. We tried knocking on doors one Halloween night after seeing something on a kids TV show called Blue Peter. We never even made any effort to dress up etc… Unsurprisingly Most people either looked at us as if we had just climbed off an alien spaceship or politely told us to feck off!.

I always thought that this form of celebration/begging was just an American thing. I still do really. It never really caught on in the UK until recent years. Now it is fairly common and as long as you approach a house that has decked out with pumpkins and/or Halloween decorations then you are fine. In Spain it is only just breaking through as the “thing” to do on ‘all saints eve’.

Not unlike the subtle (enough) difference between Spain and her former colony Mexico. In Central America the day of the dead (el día de los muertos) is a much bigger celebration taken far more seriously….

Spooked out!

 Even Dani’s old dad tried to look the part in a themed T-shirt with a kids’ “Scream” mask. A bit small admittedly but some might consider it an improvement – of sorts.

Pounding the streets asking for sweets and chocolate with little kids. Hmm… Then it started raining. Typical!

Some places made a real effort with one having a full skeleton in their car. I managed to sneak a quick snap…

OK, I know it’s  little out of focus but I didn’t want to be seen taking shots of someone else’s property so I made it quickly. And anyway, by now, it was raining.

Halloween costumes

One of Dani’s cousins made a real effort. Emily started high school this year and I thought she may not be joining the party. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Like many kids her age – and certainly many teenagers – she pushed the boat out and really went for the full-on costume. Naturally Dani had to try Harley Quinn’s wig.

Drama Queen….

At the end of the evening while driving back to his nana’s house Dani did something he has done before, and no doubt will do again. He went into full melodramatic mode.

He sighed and said; “I think today was the best day of my life.” That brought a smile to my face. At least it meant that he had enjoyed his Halloween day in the UK. As for being the best day in his life? Well, I am sure there will be many more to come… Probably starting with his sixth birthday in a few days’ time.

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