Big Day for a Little Boy

Tomorrow is a big day. Dani’s first day in a new school. In a new country.

Back to Normal

It’s a huge step for the little lad. Yet he seems quite laid back about it though. I think that is because he finally got his mojo back today. The previous two days he as been dog tired and falling asleep in an instant, in almost any position – including standing. Jet lag. He has really suffered from it.

He was in fine form when we went to buy his new uniform. Now he is fast asleep in bed. Back to his normal sleep pattern – more or less.

Don’t worry

While he was clearly suffering the effects of jet-lag he also had a temperature, so we were a little worried. Then we get an email from the school asking parents who have travelled to China during the long school summer holidays to keep their kids at home for a couple more weeks. Effectively self-quarantined.

This coronavirus scare is a classic example of something we should all ignore.

Here’s why. It’s that classic old saying. “Don’t worry about what you can’t control.”

If this thing really does become a pandemic, then who cares? We are all done for. The chances are of course that it will all blow over.

Crazy figures…

The only thing that seems certain is that this thing started in China. On the TV the other day they stated that there were 42 flights a day from China to Australia. Admittedly not all from near the infected region and not all coming into Sydney. Also not all passengers (by any means) will be Chinese – although they would have spent time there. However, when you work it out the figures are staggering. Let’s assume that the average number of passengers on each of those 42 daily flights is 450. Then it follows that the number of people flying in from China are as follows:

42 x 450 = 18900 per day, (x 7) 132,300 a week, (x52) which is a staggering 6,879,600 in a year. The population of the country is only just over 24 million.

Asking kids to stay off school an extra two weeks is clearly not the type of quarantine the country needs is it? That is if they re serious about the so-called ‘threat’.

Real Perspective

This, in a nutshell, is why nobody should waste time worrying about this kind of thing. If this disease really is a big problem, then “the horse has already bolted” (so to speak).

Just to put this into perspective; I have an acoustic guitar being shipped over in our container. When it arrives, it will have to sit in quarantine for a month because it is made of wood. The same goes for any wooden products. Food and animals even worse! Yet people just come and go from any country provided they have a passport and visa.

Then they try to scare us with stories of deadly diseases? Crazy eh?

One thought on “Big Day for a Little Boy

  1. Good luck Dani on your 1st day of your new school x
    Schools are great over here Chris they Usually give the new kids a buddy who will be with them all the time while they settle in.
    We had the same email from the kids college about the virus…. but I agree! with the numbers of people arriving from China everyday/week/year it’s a pointless exercise.
    Hope you and Bea are okay?
    Vicki & Jason

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