Furniture, Fights and a Piano

We finally moved out of the apart-hotel and into our apartment. Last night was the first night we slept there. So far all is fine. But it has been another full and hectic weekend…

Another Busy Weekend

Moving luggage, buying furniture and trying to buy more furniture but failing. It has been almost non-stop. The ‘failing to buy furniture’ involved a second-hand dining table and chairs. A rather nice set actually, and a bargain. But it would not fit in our bloody hire car and was difficult to take apart. I had no option but to leave it. In the end we bought a new but cheap one. Even though we have a dining table en route in a container we need one right now. This new one will serve as a desk at a later date. Somewhere for Dani to do his homework.

The weekend finished with a visit to a pub to watch a heavyweight boxing word title rematch. A very hyped dispute between one Tyson Fury (UK) and a certain Deontay Wilder (USA) over in Las Vegas, Nevada. How I would have loved to have gone there. I actually looked into it. From Sydney you can fly via Hawaii to Vegas. That would have been a great trip. But of course, having been here only one month it was always just a dream.

A Different Time

It seemed very strange watching a live fight from Vegas at a sensible hour of the day. The boxers entered the ring at around 4pm Sunday. It would have been 5am in the morning back home. And 11pm Saturday evening in Nevada. Dani really enjoyed it. We saw the previous two fights on the under-card also. Dani picked the winner in all three bouts. I must start putting some bets on when he comes out with his sporting picks. He does seem to get it right more than anyone I know.

Tyson Fury won the main event convincingly in case you don’t know…

Waiting for Internet

As discussed in a previous post we still do not have an internet connection. I am writing and posting this from the local library but will need to return home soon to meet the NBN installer. Even that will not be the end of it. The internet service provider is a different company (see earlier post here) and they are supposedly mailing us a modem to connect to the NBN device. Nothing has arrived yet.

Dani hits the keyboard – but not the computer this time

Dani also acquired a small electric piano this weekend. Courtesy of a Cash converters store (so yes, it was cheap). Most of the kids in Dani’s class are learning to play a musical instrument. For many it is the piano. For others it is the violin. I think the sound of a kid not being able to play piano beats one not being able to play a violin any day of the week. Hands down!

Personally, I would have chosen the recorder for him. It was actually a third option too. Much cheaper, far more portable and best of all a very quick win in producing some bearable tunes. I was over-ruled by both Dani and his mum. What do I know eh?…

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