Signs of the Times

Maybe it’s all the nonsense surrounding this virus scare but I seem to be a little more observant than usual. I have spotted some really odd signs and names. From posters to shop names to labels. Here are a few photos of some of them I have noticed in the past few days. Along with a little explanation of course.

Toilet rolls

With all this coronavirus crap going on I thought it was time to start checking the toilet roll situation. No escaping these previously innocent rolls of recycled paper. I went to check out the situation expecting to see a fight in the aisle. It wasn’t very crowded so I even got a ‘ringside seat’. But alas, no bog roll aggravation. Damn it. The supermarket managers were one step ahead of the game. There were no toilet rolls but there were a few boxes of tissues – same thing really I would have thought but apparently not.

Toilet Roll panic receives an injection of common sense

At last a little bit of common sense injected into the situation. Just as I was wandering off a fat bloke appeared looking flustered and in a hurry. He saw there was no toilet roll and his faced went from looking like he needed a shit to looking heart-broken. I picked up a box of tissues and said, “Here mate. You can wipe your arse on these you know.” He didn’t look impressed and off he jogged. Probably to the shopping mall toilets for a good dump – which oddly enough they still have toilet rolls…

Olé Wine

Almost for a laugh we bought this wine. Spanish readers wil find it amusing for sure. The name alone is so corny (cursi) that we had to try it. Just read the labels – front and back. One word springs to mind and it isn’t “Olé”.


I am not sure what to make of this. The makers, or probably more likely the marketeers, are pushing this glorified image of the matador conquering the bull. Probably some of the people who are buying this wine think they are getting a piece of Spanish ‘passion’ or ‘culture’. They are probably the same type of people who would never go to a bullfight for ethical reasons (and I respect that point of view). Personally, I would drink this wine at  a bullfight. Cos it really doesn’t bother me. As for the taste? Average. Or thereabouts.

Sexist Joke

This one is great. The headline caught my eye. Something about a man sacked for telling some women at work a ‘sexist joke’. Naturally I read on… If this happened in the UK the newspaper would never print the alleged offensive joke. You would be hunting high and low through the article then come up disappointed, saying “Damn it. What was the bloody joke about?”

Some people need to get a sense of humour

I was reading it in a café in the mall and burst out laughing when I read the joke. Partly because it was funny and partly because they actually did the right thing and printed it. They actually told the full story unlike the British press. Good on ‘em, I say. Hopefully some employer with a sense of humour will read this and offer the poor bloke a job, hahahaaa…

Storm in a D Cup

This shop name is the best I have seen so far in Sydney. Whenever I see such a shop name it always reminds me of my time in Liverpool in the mid-80s. There was also called recession on and in such times the number of hairdressers’ shops always seems to increase. One I always recall had a great name: ‘Curl Up and Dye’. It lasted a while then closed. They probably realised there was more money in blue pills than blue rinse. Who knows?

This place is totally self-explanatory.

Somehow this one caught my eye…

I am sure their clientele are lovely ladies with great personalities. Best name ever for a women’s lingerie shop. At least the best I have seen. Can you better this one? Please let us know.

More of these to come, as and when I spot them…

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