Home Imprisonment Looms Large

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. It’s coming…

This week the Australian government is making the decisions which will probably see Dani’s school closing two weeks early for their Easter holidays. That will mean a total of five weeks holidays! Maybe more if things do not get any better. I am not even going to mention the “c” word.

The thought of five weeks or more in total lock-down does not sound appealing does it? I believe the total lock-down will follow very soon after the announcement to close schools. If not the same time. Many companies in the Central Business District (CBD) have already told their employees to work from home. Modern day Sydneysiders will soon be reliving a similar experience to that of their predecessors. Imprisonment (albeit at home).

Meanwhile, Dani’s mum managed to buy two toilet rolls today. Individually wrapped! Not form the usual supermarkets but a local pharmacy. $1 per roll! That seems expensive but it is definitely a seller’s market eh?

What to do when imprisoned in your own home?

If this was a normal five-week holiday, then there would be loads to do with Dani. Plenty in the Sydney area to keep him occupied even if it means spending money on days out The problem is we will almost certainly not have chance to do any such things. If there is a stay at home rule introduced then it will be like Dani’s hometown, Madrid, is right now.

We had hoped to take a week or so further north during his Easter break. Maybe to a beach resort like the Gold Coast. My plan now is to get the hell out of Sydney before such a rule is made. If we can. At least try to get some time away before a nationwide lock-down starts. It is all a race against time unfortunately.

I finally received my Shane Gould autobiography. Signed by the legendary Aussie sportswoman herself. It took three and a half weeks to arrive. The Australian postal service seems to be very slow. A review of that book will follow in a future blog post. At least I have that and a few other books to read if we end up confined to the apartment.

I wonder if they will allow people to go to the beaches? Providing they keep well apart I don’t see why not. But then again….

Last Weekend

We did manage to get out and about a little last weekend. We drove up the Pacific Highway north of the city as far as Turramurra. A pleasant little suburb where we had lunch in a nice bar. Just off the main highway a little park was full of these guys.

The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo is unmistakable and bloody noisy too. All white with the conspicuous yellow crest sticking up on its head. The tiny park was full of these noisy birds. Said to be one of the noisiest wildlife sounds in Australia.

I must say the bird-life in Australia is very impressive. It is a twitcher’s dream. So impressive in fact I even went to the local library to get a book on the birds of this country. Yes folks; I am becoming a bit of a bird-watcher (the feathered kind of course).

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