Go on then. Here’s a “C” Word Update from Australia

I know. I know. I said I wasn’t going to go on about this bloody coronavirus unless there was something worth saying or reporting. And really, there hasn’t been. It’s pretty much as you were… That said…

Confusion reigns in the and down-under.

The government has decided it is not a good idea to close the schools. I happen to agree but not necessarily because of the reasons they give. It seems that “medical experts” (we are hearing so much from them I never realised there were so many) have informed the Prime Minister that schools should stay open and kids are not likely to contract the virus at school. Of course, no names were offered. Heaven forbid that someone will take responsibility for such a decision. They shall remain nameless and faceless “medical experts”.

And there I was thinking we would all be on total lock-down any day soon. It changes by the day. Hour. So, who the hell knows what’s around the corner?

Australia Closing

The only other big change is that the country is finally going to close its borders. Eh? I know. I thought that too. Anyway, only Australian citizens will be allowed into the country on flights after 9pm tonight. Why 9pm? I hear you ask. I have no idea and really don’t care. I guess they are expecting someone special to arrive about 8pm. It’s yet another mad mystery in this pathetic farce.

They have had two months to do that. So why now? Is it too little too late? Or does it not matter, because they are only doing it to appear to be proactive? Again, I neither know nor care. I just wish they would get on with something. Maybe like coming clean and telling us exactly what is going on. But that’s not going to happen now is it?

What is does mean is that anyone who leaves the country will not be allowed back in until this mess is over. Whenever that will be. The Prime Minister is saying this could go on for 6 months. Come off it mate! No way!

All this is going to hurt the tourist industry here. But then almost every industry will be hit hard in many countries. Even the leather bags being made in Italy!

And on that note… No more about Coronavirus (again).

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