Jervis Bay – Day 2.

After a long and active day out yesterday we almost took it easy today.

Walking on Water

We only visited three or four beaches and a freshwater lake called St. Georges Basin. The lake is almost impossibly shallow for some way out that you can almost appear to be walking on water. See the photo below of Dani and his dad “walking on water”.

Walking on Water

Beach Checklist

You could make a list of beaches in this area and spend a good fortnight’s holiday just visiting them all. Most of them are superb and have the same fantastic white sand as Hymans Beach (see yesterdays blog post).

Today we visited Shark Net Beach (not as scary as it sounds) and walked around the point to Huskisson Beach. Later we drove to Callala Beach and spent some time in the sea. The sand on Callala Beach is as good as Hymans but there is a great deal of seaweed on this shore and this gets washed up and dries out. So, while Hymans Beach has long undisturbed whiteness, Callala Beach in comparison appears speckled – almost in need of a sweeping. Still great though as there was hardly anyone around. Then it was off for a picnic on the nearby Callala Bay beach.

Return to Sydney

Sadly, a great ‘free’ weekend was almost over and it was time to return to Sydney. When we returned to the city it wasn’t with a sense of impending doom. It was more a quiet resignation. Reluctant acceptance of our fate.

And yet…

Lock-down is still (somehow) not a reality here. The government are doing all they can to postpone the inevitable it seems. Now they are saying that gatherings of more than two people are not allowed outside. While at the same time closing parks and public open spaces. This will effectively confine most people to their homes. However, schools are to remain open. Amazing really, but what can you do? It’s the blind leading the blind anyway so who cares?

I am trying to look beyond all this nonsense. But I have a clear feeling that things may never be quite the same after this farce is over.

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