Social Distancing Aussie Style

When you walk through a supermarket there will be a few – probably wearing a face mask or even some kind of world war gas mask – who will deliberately give you a wide berth. Paranoid for sure. Meanwhile out in the streets it’s a case of carry on as normal. You would not know there was a pandemic on. That’s if you even believed in it to begin with.

Checking out Bondi Beach…

I went for a walk with Dani today and we decided to go down to Bondi Beach. The beach remains closed as do most things related to it. The exercise/gym area, the Bondi Rocks and the kids ocean swimming/paddling pools. That does not seem to top anyone wanting to get as close to the sea and sand as possible. Along the promenade joggers, dog walkers, baby walkers, skateboarders, you name it. All out mixing with each other. Some using the grass verge to practice a little solo yoga with others doing some kind of training with friends.

Bondi Beach. Still closed but oddly lots of footprints in the sand…

I noticed plenty of footprints on the beach. Are people getting into the sea very early before the beach patrols start work?

That’s not Social Distancing

I saw groups of young men chatting to groups of young women. Then both groups going their separate ways. Presumably the guys shared some apartment so they are following the rules (whatever those are now) and similarly for the girls. But there was no way the two groups were keeping two metres apart. There were many similar examples of people meeting up. So much for 2 metre “X” marks the spot in supermarket check-outs and other places. People aren’t exactly jumping all over each other but there are many who are definitely not practising the government’s ‘social distancing’ rules.

Bondi Icebergs Pools- Empty since “lockdown”

The famous Bondi Icebergs swimming pools have been empty since the closures. If you look carefully at the photo you can just make out one lone surfer who managed to get in the waves. No police helicopters  following him though. Someone mentioned that being in the sea is not illegal, if you can get there. Apparently it is the use of the beach to get there that is the problem. Some brave (or foolish) surfers have been avoiding the sand by scrambling over rocks to get into the waves.. Very dangerous.

Hair-brained Beach Scheme

It seems the beach may partially reopen early next week. Not for anybody to lie on the sand though. Just to placate the serious ocean lovers. The wonderful authorities have dreamt up an even more wonderful scheme for funnelling surfers and ocean swimmers to the sea for their daily fix. They intend to have another (presumably roped off) route to exit the sea and beach. Appealing to people’s common sense they are suggesting that if there is too much of a queue that they are expected to go away and try again later. Yeah, that’ll work mate!

Aren’t these politicians incredible? Who the hell voted for these idiots? That said, I must go down and make a video of that one. It is going to be quite comical.

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