Panic buying toilet rolls?

Dani has just finished reading a book he brought home from school. Quite advanced I thought for his age – So yes, I am proud of his reading ability. But I am even more proud of his fun and sense of humour.

Riders on the Web book

It wasn’t a very good story though. He even said as much as soon as he finished reading out the final page last night. I hardly knew what was going on as he read most of it with his mum. But I did pay attention when he first brought the book home and showed me the cover picture- laughing…

Panic buying toilet rolls?

He pointed to the old fashioned looking kid on the bike and then his (newspaper) basket.

“Look dad! He has been panic buying toilet rolls – hehehe”  

It made me laugh as it does look a bit like that. Which just goes to show what is going on this past few months has made some kind of impression on him. Thankfully he has a great sense of humour and can see the funny side of all this. And credit to him. He spotted that little joke before me. (I need to be quicker.)

Funny Kid books

He much prefers the one he is reading with me right now. So do I. ‘Funny Kid for President’ by Matt Stanton. This is definitely more his style. Talking of ‘style’, he also identifies with the book’s main character Max too. He has similar hair style to Dani. 

Funny Kid book

I will do a review of this one when we finish reading it. There are at least three other books in this ‘Funny Kid’ series so plenty for Dani to read and laugh at.

Also I have only just realised that the author Matt Stanton is from Sydney, Australia. Maybe we can arrange for him to visit Dani’s school…

School Term – only three weeks to go!

In all the excitement of a long weekend a few days ago I had almost forgotten. This second term has only three more weeks to go!. Then it’s a three week holiday. I had better start looking for somewhere to book. The problem of course is that many places are still not willing to open up and I am not sure about inter-state travel restrictions. I fancy a trip north to Queensland, but we shall see…

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