The Great Aussie Coronavirus Swindle

“It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.”

Apparently Mark Twain said those wise words. It could have been someone else, but whatever… they are so true. People do not like to admit when they have been fooled and those doing the fooling are even less likely to admit it.

In short folks you have been duped. Big time! And please don’t listen to all this bull about “a second wave” (unless you mean surfing).

Australia Almost Fully Open?

OK, here’s a quick run through of what you can and can’t do right now:

Cafés, restaurants and pubs can open but have to follow a few stupid rules. No bother if you feel like a beer go for it. All types of shops are now open. Some never really even shut though including amazingly many hair-dressers. Good for them I say.

Gyms are now allowed to open and most have already. That leaves cinemas, theatres and concert venues along with sporting venues. Oh, and libraries. Still baffled by that one but hey…

Beaches: You can now go onto the beaches in the Eastern suburbs which were stupidly closed at the height of this panic-demic. Although now the weather is not really conducive to sitting on the beach you can still go for a stroll. Most beaches of course throughout the state and country always remained open.

Travel and Tourism

You can travel withing your state of residence only, although some states are opening up to people from other states (sort of). They need to stop this nonsense right now. There is absolutely no justification for it. School holidays are fast approaching and people want to get away. The powers that be keep trying to encourage Australians to help out those rural and touristy areas where the economies had virtually come to a complete stop. With no foreign tourists coming in why would they keep the state borders shut? Oh, yeah, and I want to go to Queensland hehehe…

Another important one (for us)  is if we leave Australia to fly back to Europe – which we can do if we book a flight – then we will not be able to get back in as we are not Australian citizens. So no summer holiday in the northern hemisphere and possibly Christmas on the beach the way things are looking…

What about a “second wave”?

The politicians just can’t help themselves can they? Instead of admitting they made a massive mistake – something that they would actually gain a lot of kudos for –  they are still trying to keep people scared with talk of a “second wave”. Well here is my take on that shit.

There is not going to be a “second wave”. Nothing could be more certain. And do you know why I can so confidently say that? It’s simple. Because there was never a first wave to begin with. Our so called “leaders” made one of the biggest mistakes in human history (if not the biggest) and need to just own up to it. But don’t hold your breath.

Any “second wave” in this part of the world will just be seasonal flu. In recent years seasonal (winter) flu killed so many more than than this supposedly highly contagious and most deadly corona thingy. ‘They’ have fooled so many people over this past few months. Please don’t let them do it again.

Evidence – as if any was needed…

If you are a young healthy surfer you have more chance of being killed by a shark than by coronavirus. One surfer did actually die following a shark attack just a week or so ago here. Think about that for a moment. It hasn’t stopped the young (and old) surfers trying to get their daily ocean fix has it? It was the governments (state, national and local councils) who put a stop to the wave riding – or shark dodging, depending on which way you see it. If you are a fit young person you have more chance of being struck by lightning than dying of coronavirus. Really. The stats support all this. Don’t just take my word for it. Just stop listening to the politician’s crap and the mass media hype and go and check for yourselves.

Footnote: Post title inspired by the Sex Pistols second and post break-up album ‘The Great Rock n Roll Swindle’. I could have equally titled the post with a play on words of their first album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Real News…


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