Back to school – Term 3

It was back to school for Dani yesterday. After over three weeks off and plenty of adventures he happily trotted in through the school gates. Like he had never been away. I guess we are lucky that he still enjoys going to school. He is probably as sick of his parents’ company as we are of his. Only joking. Well, half joking. It was nice to have some free time to do my own things.

Planning the next holiday…

Term 3 will last for ten weeks (the first one being a short week in Dani’s school). That is not stopping Dani planning our next holiday. He wants to go to Darwin – way up in the Northern Territory. More on that to come however. Suffice to say that is a fly-drive holiday not a place you would want to drive to unless you were on a full Oz road trip. It’s about 4,000 km via the inland A2 and is estimated at 42 hours of driving without traffic jams and stops. That drive alone would take up most of the days of the holiday! It would be interesting though I am sure.
But no. We will fly to Darwin and hire a car. That’s if he still wants to go there. Hopefully he will, as he has now got me keen on seeing the Northern Territory.

Cinemas are open

It took a little longer than the pubs and restaurants but finally the cinemas are open again. In fact I have booked to go and see a film which was in the cinema just before the “lock down” occurred. The film title is ‘The Gentlemen’. If I feel it is worth a mention I will do a short review before the end of the week.
Most of the films on offer are new however. That is to say, that they were not showing just prior to the coronavirus nonsense. Hopefully I can get to see a few over the coming weeks.

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