Covid-1984. How Orwellian!

Have you ever read George Orwell’s ‘1984’? If not then you really should, especially now with the current covid-19(84) panic and government lockdowns going on.


In Orwell’s book ‘1984’, the party keeps its citizens under constant watch and brainwashes them with some party slogans so ridiculous that people actually seem to fall for them. Here are the three main party slogans:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Read them. Then read them all again and again. They are complete garbage right? Yet here in Australia – the state of Victoria to be exact – they are using the following phrase during the coronavirus panic-demic:  “Staying Apart Keeps Us Together”.

They really are using that one! Incredible isn’t it? Yeah right! So getting drunk keeps you sober?

So, yes. I guess War really is Peace. Because in these coronavirus days Freedom is definitely Slavery when they are locking people up in their own homes. Especially in Melbourne right now.

What total wanker came up with that one? I do not know the answer to that one but here are some of the morons running the show in Victoria and Melbourne where they have gone full on mental, nuts, bonkers, totally cuckoo on locking up their own citizens just recently.

Some of those ‘in charge’…

There’s this fella’ who acts for the whole country as some kind of chief medical officer / deputy chief medical adviser / whatever! (Who cares?) There seem to be so many of them these days eh? Who would have thought there were so many on the pay roll? (Your taxes!)

You can tell what he’s thinking…’If only I had thought of that great slogan’.

Oops! Sorry. Wrong photograph. Easy mistake though wouldn’t you say? There is a little bit of a resemblance. Mind you, this old German would have been very proud of Victoria state’s slogan eh? Imagine him and his henchmen separating men from women and children on their arrival at the camps. “Don’t cry kids. Remember, ‘Staying Apart Keeps Us Together’ “

Here we go… This is the guy. He does some sort of job for the whole of Australia. I have seen this little weasel speaking on TV and just managed to turn him off before my foot went through the screen.

Paul Kelly – Apparently ‘acting chief medical officer for Australia’

Then there is this woman. Is that the correct description? You never know these days and let’s face it this one does look a bit scary.

Lisa Neville MP. Who the hell put this woman in charge of the police?

This is Lisa Neville, a member of the Victoria state parliament or assembly (is that right?) whose job description is something like ‘Minister for Police and Minister for Water’. So this minister for police is responsible for people being herded into their apartment blocks by the police and totally locked up for no real reason. I am sure you would agree that this fraulein would have worked well with that German bloke above.

Victoria State PM

This bloke is the prime minister of the state of Victoria. He is a socialist of some kind and is currently presiding over a huge shit-show in his state.

Victoria state Prime Minister Daniel Andrews – so under-paid!

This clown earns $441,000 per year (plus a load of expenses probably). Last year he awarded himself an 11.8% salary increase. He sits in front of that hilarious slogan every day on TV and manages to keep a straight face. For that alone I think this man is massively underpaid! What do you think?

I wouldn’t mind meeting this moron and kicking him in the balls. Then I can give him a new slogan. “A kick in the nuts is pain relief mate”.

And why?

Apparently there has been a rise in covid cases in Victoria and the Melbourne area in particular. While the numbers are tiny this does not seem to matter. Also of course it is now cold and flu season – Helloooooooo!!! So anyone with a cold or a touch of will probably go to the doctor where they are probably being tested for coronavirus. They may well have had it so the anti bodies will be in their system. Hey presto! Another one to add the the mythical “second wave” figures. Of course they have been testing people anyway so of course they will find people with anti-bodies to the virus. It does not mean there is another outbreak though. And so it goes on…

Victoria entered something they called “A State of Disaster” recently. Bloody hell that really is taking the piss. Talk about frightening your voters to death! This is the real crime gong on. Take a look a this one (below) doing the rounds on social media. A little out of date for coronavirus deaths etc – maybe. But this tells the real story of this Covid-1984 hoax.

Last year’s flu season versus this year’s Coronavirus – Australia

My main question in all this is; Who the hell votes for these politicians?  They are not fit to run a bath never mind a country or state.

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