The Fascinating ‘Ghost Town’ of Silverton – Part Three

Silverton – Part Three

Here is the third part of our trip in and around Silverton. This may be the last one on this town. I took enough photographs to keep going but it may just get boring… So here goes…

School and Churches

Like all good towns Silverton had a school house and more than one church. The restored buildings still stand proudly in the sparse streets. The old school is packed (perhaps a little too much) with old books and desks crammed side by side. It looks not unlike some of the older school buildings that were around when I was a kid actually.

Inside the old school house
Dani. Where he belongs
The old Silverton school

Silverton, like every Australian town built in the same era, had several places of worship. Here are a couple of examples that still stand. Note the old VW Beetle framed by St. Carthage catholic church. Someone must have picked up a job lot of those cars and dropped them off in Silverton.

St. Carthage Catholic church
St. Carthage Catholic church (again)
VW Beetle at St. Carthage Catholic church

I think this next building is (was) the Presbyterian church. It looks like it is being restored to its former glory.

Another old church undergoing some restoration work.

Art and Artistic cars

Old Volkswagen Beetles seem to be a theme around Silverton these days. There are several positioned about the town. They have probably been there quite some time of course. These are the old original model/shape…

A couple of VW Beetles dressed up as art
Some call this art…
Others might call it a wrecked car… Each to their own eh?

Art Galleries…

There are plenty of art galleries around here too. Like Broken Hill. Again I am not sure why that should be apart from the obvious thing. The scenery is probably inspiring to artists, just as it is to the non-artists like myself. Simple really!

Inside one of the art galleries housed in a semi restored building

Outside one of the art galleries (that we never entered) was this statue of the infamous outlaw Ned Kelly. Only I doubt he would have gone along with all this coronavirus bullshit and wore a mask when told to do so by some idiot politician. Still Dani found it funny. The thing I find funny about anything showing Ned Kelly in that homemade helmet is whenever I see a representation of it I can’t get that awful film out of my mind; the one where Mick Jagger played Kelly – or tried to play the part more like! What a dreadful acting performance that was! Funny how things like that really stick in your mind eh? Great singer, songwriter and stage performer but a garbage actor!

Dani with Ned Kelly (in his covid days)
Another classic ghost town scene…
…and another…

So that – along with parts one and two – was Silverton, the original outback town. I hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures.

In case you missed them…You can see part one here and part two here.

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