Cooking Camp

Yesterday Dani went to a cooking camp. One of the many things going on around here to keep the kids occupied during their long summer holidays.

He loved it. He made some bread and a cupcake which he brought home. Cupcakes are too sweet for me but the bread was delicious. Not that he is telling us the recipe or how he made it. Some secret baking society or what? All he will tell me is that he did it all himself after a summary from the ‘teacher’, who was on hand if the kids had any questions.

It must all be true because he wants to go again next Monday – and I am sure he would not want to go back if it wasn’t really that good. He does love to do things without interference (we may call it help).

Cooking Camp results. Delicious bread and a very sweet cupcake


Speaking of summer… We just got soaked walking back from a kick around in the park. So far it’s been an odd summer as far as the weather goes. I looked at the forecast earlier and it does not look too good for Christmas day. So much for a trip to the beach on that most festive of days… Yes, I know. That’s such a northern hemisphere thing to think about eh? Yes it is, but I thought we might go for an ocean swim if we can. While we can.

Still things can change. At the moment the weather here is changing…well, like the weather!

While this rain seems to want to hang around we may have to go to the cinema and watch a movie…

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