Australian State Premiers Determined to Spoil Christmas

Two days to Christmas and the politicians are ramping up the coronavirus crap again!

There seems to be a political battle going on among the various state premiers. Each trying to get one over on other state leaders – mostly NSW it seems. The only question I have is: When will this bullshit end?

Border Closures – Again!

We will not be able to travel to the places we wanted to visit. Again! Queensland has closed its border to people from Sydney. Ditto with South Australia. We had half planned a trip to South Australia. In the case of Queensland we actually bought a short package trip and now face losing a lot of money as it has effectively been cancelled. There will be plenty of others in the same situation.

We left it late to book in case of something like this. In fact till about a couple of days before the authorities in Sydney announced a “cluster” of “covid cases” at the northern beaches. It could have been anywhere in or around the city really. Who cares? They were just looking for an excuse.

Never as bad as they have made out…

When you look at the ‘key workers’ like those in supermarkets and bus drivers who continued to work all through the year it is clear that whatever this virus is, it is not deadly or anywhere near as bad as they are making out. If it was then the likes of supermarket workers and bus drivers – always exposed to masses of the public – would have been dropping like flies. And they haven’t. How can I be so sure of that? Simple. Because if they had been dropping like flies (whether you take that to mean dying or  really ill), then you would have heard nothing else on the media. Isn’t that correct?

But no such scare/horror stories have been out there. Instead the media hype the non-stories in order to scare the public and give the useless politicians some credence.

It is truly pathetic. But…Hey ho… Or should that be Hey ho-ho-ho? We will have to continue to make our adventures in New South Wales. Hardly the end of the world is it?

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