Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It was always going to happen. After nearly twenty years of wearing my hair long it all came off yesterday. Not quite all off but ‘grade 3’, which after having it in a pony tail for so long is basically the same as fully shaven.

I thought it was thinning out so decided the best thing to do was cut it all off and have a proper look. It turns out that yes it is thinning out but only a little. A little extreme I know, but after 20 years a new hair-do was overdue. Now I have a mix of grey, blond and dark (ish) hairs and that  makes it appear a little patchy. A bit like my facial hair when I grew that… Dani thought it was all very funny but I can’t persuade him to have the same hair style.

Anyway, I can regrow it. I suppose. It should only take a couple of years to get it back to how it was just over 12 hours ago… Must always remember to wear a hat in the sun now.

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