The Avalon Cluster (and more)

We got out of Sydney just before they more or less put the place on lockdown. Not a UK style china/stasi lockdown but still a big pain in the backside for anyone living there. Apparently – and this is the part I just have to laugh at – there is a new mutated covid virus strain and it came from the UK. One Aussie returning home so they say… The media love it of course and constantly refer to it as “the more highly contagious UK strain” (or words to that effect). Hilarious. Yeah mate. It’s flu season in the UK so if anything this “new strain” is the 202/21 winter flu you fools! It more or less  happens every year. 

If you think back to exactly one year ago when the “Chinese” coronavirus was first being talked about they made similar claims. “It is highly contagious” or “It’s deadly”. Both of which have proven to be completely false. Yet here they are again reeling out the same old lines for this so called “UK strain”. What a joke!

The Avalon Cluster

No, not a name of a new band . Or even an album. Although any kids starting a rock band living in the northern beaches should use that name. I have no intention of copyrighting it. Hang on. Could I? Hmm… Remember folks, if you buy an album by The Avalon Cluster in the future you heard the name here first.

Apparently all the panic in Sydney started after they had been testing people in the northern beaches area of Sydney and found a few “cases”. The “cluster” of “cases” was supposedly around the Avalon Beach area. Hence “The Avalon Cluster” was a term the media lapped up with gusto. Then along came the new UK variant strain. You would struggle to make this shit up. Really. 

I think maybe they just felt that New South Wales got off too lightly in all the covid hype and lockdown panic. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. . But I still think it is a great name for a band.

Problems – other than Covid…

Meanwhile all this has not had much of an impact on places and things we want to see. The biggest problem so far has been that we are outside of the “visitors season”. Whereas places have been closed “due to covid” on some of our previous trips, this time we had simply missed the boat. Crazy eh? Despite being the middle of the school summer holidays this port of the world was not expecting many tourists. Usually because the temperatures are too high for most people . The main season for visitors we were told finishes at the end of November / start of December. Also for things like river boat trips the water level was simply too low right now so they shut up shop…

Worse still – and those in the middle of a northern hemisphere winter right now may find this hard to believe – too much rain has prevented us from going to some places. Roads, either unsealed gravel or simply dirt roads, have been closed because of the weather. Even to four wheel drive vehicles. I guess the authorities don’t want to go through all the hassle of having to pull people out of the mud so they close the roads. It makes sense to me. 

More to come, Soon…

Despite all this we soldiered on and made the most of what there was to see and do. In the coming weeks there will be plenty of posts about the places we visited and the things we saw.

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