Five Years Old Today

Today, February 5th, this blog is five years old. Five years! Where the hell did that time go?

I wasn’t sure of the exact day so had to check. So when I found it, I also read the first blog post I wrote. It seems to have stood the test of those five years. It was true then and true now. (You can see that first post here.) The main difference now is that we are living on the other side of the world.

Sadly however, it is quickly turning into a completely different world from that one of five years ago. Or even one year ago!

And the year ahead?…

Normally around this time of year I would do a quick review of the previous year. But with all this covid nonsense that’s gone on I really couldn’t be bothered. And as for what’s to come this year I really do not want to speculate. For all those who said farewell to 2020 and welcomed 2021 as if things would suddenly be so much better (as in, how could they be worse than 202?) I have this to say. Some things in 2021 are already worse than 2020 and they will not get better. I am afraid that I have to agree with some of the covid sceptics who have written about what is going on from an angle other than the main stream media’s view. This covid lockdown/rubbish/loss-of-freedom will not stop until we the people say it stops. There seems to be no sign of our wonderful leaders giving us back all those freedoms that were fought for so hard by my grandparent’s and great grandparent’s generations. Freedoms we all took for granted didn’t we?

“They ” are already planning to keep this going…

Everyone thought the vaccine would be the answer but no. Now they are saying that you can still catch or spread “the virus” if you have had the disease already and even had the vaccine. They are also talking about (at least) two new strains or “variants” of the covid crap. One is hilariously called “the UK variant”. Then just recently they have started talking about “the South African variant”. Not that we were allowed to call the original virus the “Chinese virus”, or “kung flu”, or any other thing – even as a light hearted joke in times of depressing lockdowns. Oh no. That sort of talk is frowned upon. Anyway the point is none of this is going to get any better until people make some sort of a mass protest/stand. And don’t ask me when that might happen as I have absolutely no idea.

So after looking back on early blog posts where I wrote about wanting to capture my hopes and fears for my young son; what do I tell him? I tell him what I really think of the politicians who behave like headless chickens. I tell him what I think of the so called “experts” and their “science” and of course all the complete contradictions than can easily be seen when they change the rules from one day to the next.

Why? Because at the moment I am still free to do so…


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