Bathurst – A Lap of the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

This post is specifically to show our lap of the Mount Panorama motor racing circuit (see lower down). But first a bit of background info…


On our way back from the trip to Lightning Ridge we stopped off at Bathurst. Famous for being the oldest inland settlement in Australia, Bathurst is also home to the world famous motor racing circuit, Mount Panorama. It is referred to as Australia’s spiritual home of motor racing. And better still, they let you drive around the circuit. With strict speed limits of course…

Some Circuit

Naturally the speed limits for members of the public are to prevent complete carnage. This is especially true on the second half of the circuit as the track descends down the side of the ‘mount’ like a classic winding mountain road. When you drive this section you soon appreciate how good the drivers are that race here, with no speed limits and lots of other cars jostling for position. As far as I know there is no Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit that comes close to comparison with this particular section. Over the years sixteen competitors have died racing this circuit and two spectators were killed by a crashing car in 1955. They used to have motorbike racing also (since the 1930s) but that was deemed too dangerous. The last motorcycle race here was in 2000.

There is a 174-metre (571 ft) vertical difference between its highest and lowest points, and grades as steep as 1:6.13. The track is a 6.2 km (3.8 miles) long. The track is normally used as a public road (when no racing is on) and there are even quite a few residences which can only be accessed from the circuit.

Our Lap Video

OK, many of you ‘motor heads’ out there will know all about this circuit already. But for all you non ‘motor heads’ (as well as the keen ‘motor heads’) see for yourselves…
[Tip: Turn the sound up!]

Background Music: Motorhead by Motörhead. 

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