Down to One ‘Degree of Separation’… from Thor

Last year I wrote about one of Dani’s school assignments. You can read that post here.

Basically the kids were asked to write about a famous Australian and Dani chose Chris Hemsworth – aka Thor from the Marvel comics movies. I then wrote about how many ‘degrees of separation’ there are between Dani and Thor. There were two – or three – depending how you interpret that stuff.

Well now there is only one!

Dani’s Spanish grandmother knows Chris Hemsworth’s daughter’s Spanish grandfather. We knew that some time ago. But what are the odds that their grandchildren would end up being classmates? Now Dani knows Hemsworth’s daughter! Well actually the odds are a lot lower these days. Much lower than when we were living on the other side of the world in the northern hemisphere. 

Being in the same country helps. As does being in the same town or city. And it turns out that the Marvel Studios has relocated to Sydney for some years so most of the regular actors in their films have also relocated to the city. All that has definitely reduced the odds. 

Selfie? Yeah, it’s fine…

Dani is cool about it but it must be hard for kids of famous people. Especially when half of the boys in the school have sports bags or lunch-boxes with Marvel characters all over them – including Thor of course.

People have asked me if I have seen Thor at school pick up time. Well I haven’t and I doubt that famous people do that sort of thing. But if we do meet at the school gates and he wants to do a selfie with me, I suppose I will let him.

But I draw the line at signing T-shirts.

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