Wellington Caves and an Aussie “Mos Eisley Cantina”

Here’s another one I wrote a while back and forgot to post. This was from our time in and around Dubbo (December 2020).

Wellington Caves

On our second day in Dubbo the weather was not that good. So, what better than a visit to an indoor tourist attraction? Not so much indoors as underground. We drove about half an hour south of Dubbo to the small town of Wellington to see the Wellington caves.

The Wellington caves are just south of the town, off the Mitchell highway that links the towns of Dubbo and Orange. There are three caves at this site but only one of them was open. As luck would have it the one that we were allowed into was the one I would have chosen; ‘the Cathedral Cave’.

The other two are an old fossil phosphate mine and the Gaden cave. The Fossil & Phosphate Mine is a completely restored underground mine from over 100 years ago. The rock walls have thousands of fossil and bones embedded in them. Old dinosaur bones from this site are spread across the world’s museums. While the Gaden cave seems to be a smaller version of the one we entered.

The Cathedral Cave contains Wellington’s famous stalagmite. The inspiring limestone and crystal formation reaches a staggering 15 metres in height. Highlights of the tour include the Altar, Headache Rock and The Well.

Tours of the caves began back in the 1885. Since then they have been popular with visitors, scientists and palaeontologists from all over the world.

Known as Altar Rock which is 32 metres in circumference at its base and over 15 metres high. This place is similar to other caves I have been inside but I can definitely recommend it.

Star Wars bar…

For a small town Wellington seemed to have plenty of bars although some seemed to be very recently closed down – That’ll be the virus crap again! Of all the bars we could have stopped for a quick drink we chose an Australian version of the Mos Eisley Cantina – better known as the Star Wars Bar (from the first ever Star Wars movie,  Episode IV – A New Hope, in case you are not familiar). I guess all small towns have one of these places…

An Australian version of the Mos Eisley Cantina. The Central Hotel, Wellington.

The place looked like it needed some money spent on it and was certainly one of those bars where the regulars like to enjoy more than just the odd drink. Still, it was friendly enough – as these kind of places tend to be, if they are not on a planet like Tatooine that is.

Sadly many of not all of these places will close forever because of this virus garbage. Certainly in countries that have been much harder hit by lockdowns etc such as the UK.

Devils Hollow Brewery

On the road back into Dubbo the Devil’s Hollow Brewery is worth a visit. Another great example of the thriving craft beer industry. For me their beers were not that good. I have certainly had better at similar brew pubs. Maybe I am getting fussy. Who knows? All our tastes for these beers are very different so don’t let that put you off. The set up was ideal, the food was good and the place got very busy before we left. The place is located on a small industrial estate just south of the town. If you are ever in Dubbo I can recommend it.

The Devil’s Hollow Brewery just outside Dubbo.
They have a great setup here.

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