Mother’s Day to be Partly Spoiled

So this year’s Mother’s Day in Sydney (and NSW in general) will be at least partly spoiled by the NSW government. All thanks to two – that’s 2 (only one more than ONE!) – cases of covid (apparently) being found in some part of Sydney. The state government are imposing some further restrictions for a three day period. Masks are to be worn for the next three days on public transport and shops and in pubs and restaurants, but of course not when eating or drinking. It just makes life a little more difficult doesn’t it. And the new rules will include this Sunday. All for these two supposed cases. Of which we know very little. Like are these people dying? Are they even ill? Is it just that they have anti-bodies (naturally or otherwise)? Who knows? Nobody in government or most of the media ever asks these questions. Frankly I couldn’t care less. I just wish these people would grow up.

I tend to get most of my news from the radio these days when I am driving. When I heard about the new “covid restrictions” being imposed the following story was about the vaccines. It reported that there had been six (that’s 6 ! Four more than 2) cases of blood clots from people who had recently received the vaccine. But the news reader simply read that part out and moved on to something else. After a few minutes on the previous news item of the 2 covid “cases”. Unbelievable isn’t it? Sadly it’s true and it’s happening. All too often.

At least here in Australia there is an alternative voice in the media which does ask the questions I posed above. Sky News Australia articles can be found on YouTube as well as the TV. They do try to show up the government’s knee-jerk reactions – and more.

Actually, I have just remembered. This Sunday Dani has another birthday party. In one of those activity places with games and trampolines and climbing frames etc… Usually packed full of germ ridden kids spreading and exchanging their bacteria like a load of two legged viruses in a petri dish like environment. Sounds great! Wonder if it will be cancelled?

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