Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

This weekend is a national (bank) holiday here in Australia. In celebration of the Queen’s birthday. We had planned to go to Melbourne but guess what?

That’s right! There has been another covid panic. Sparked by one so called “case”! Bloody hell! They “test” thousands of people and eventually find a “case”, then panic and put the city into lockdown – again!. But never a full explanation of these odd “cases” that they “test” for. Never. Did they die? Are they at death’s door? Probably not. In fact the disease is so bad that they have to test thousands (and by their own figures it can be 20-25,000) before they discover a single “case”. Then they have to tell that person that they “have covid”. More or less that’s how it goes. Hardly a terrible thing is it that they have to search really hard for someone who doesn’t know they have it…. Hmm… I always sceptical but these days even more so. Really pathetic. Words fail me…

At least it means that we won’t be spending any money in Victoria. Let them be! I never wanted to go – it was Dani’s mum – and at least she got the money back after cancelling the trip… That reminds me. I still have to write about the time we tried to enter Victoria during our outback trip. (I will do that in the next post)

Alternative Plans

This all meant that we needed to make alternative plans for the Queen’s birthday weekend. Here’s what we did…

Opera House via The Rocks

It is winter festival time at The Rocks. Basically the usual stuff going on but rebadged. At least we made it into the Endeavor Tap Room pub. they have plenty of their own brews plus enough guest ales.

Behind the scenes at the Endeavor Tap Rooms
My tasting paddle got the thumbs-up from Dani…

From there it was a short walk around Circular Quay to the Opera House. They had some special event on – apologies, I have forgotten what it was called/for – which involved projecting onto part of the famous tiled roof. Here are a couple of snippets of that light and sound show…

It would never have been my first choice but Dani and his mum enjoyed it…

On the way across the quay for the sound and light show…

Zig-Zag Line

The famous Knapsack Viaduct that was built for the original rail crossing of the Blue Mountains

The line literally zig-zagged its way up the steep mountain then crossed over the range to zig-zag its way down again to Lithgow on the western side of the Blue Mountains National Park. Part of that old zig-zag descent into Lithgow is still in operation as a tourist train. It was always closed (due to covid) whenever we were in that area. It is still closed and due to reopen late this year….

Blue Mountains

Blackheath market in a park at the cenotaph and Govett’s Leap. This is definitely one of the most spectacular places to in the Blue Mountains. The open canyon is truly magnificent and they actually call it The Grand Canyon. Plus there’s a decent waterfall… Again this area was closed off last time we came up here.

This area of the mountains is called the Grand Canyon
The falls at Govetts Leap

Cenotaph at Blackheath

We stopped at a town called Springwood. It is quite a lively little town with plenty of shops and places to eat. There is even a (relatively) large theatre. then I noticed this poster…

When did she move to Australia?

I never liked Annie Lennox and The Eurythmics – maybe the odd song. I didn’t realise she had moved over here? It’s all happening in the Blue Mountains eh? Then again… The poster is misleading. Other adverts stipulate that the act is a tribute act but the Annie Lennox poster did not. However, when you visit the theatre website it clearly says that it is a tribute act.

The modern Blue Mountains Theatre at Springwood
An older art gallery in the town, right next door to the theatre.

Winter is here…

Meanwhile, it is officially winter here. Has been since June 1st. And it is cold. I definitely thought autumn was much cooler than it was last year. Now, it turns out that a few days ago was the coldest day in Sydney since 1984. Towns inland have been covered in snow. Although a fair distance from here.

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