In The Middle of a Cluster!

Ah shit, we’ve been “clustered”!

Well it finally happened. We are living in the middle of Sydney’s latest “covid cluster”. In fact there are a t least two but we are definitely in the area deemed to be a red (or is it orange?) zone.

As usual the muppets in charge have panicked and told everyone to wear masks (again) on public transport and in shopping centres etc. They have also banned anyone from leaving the Sydney metropolitan area. (Yes I admit I had to look that up on a map just to see how far we could get. I am sure most people did.) These “restrictions” came into effect yesterday and will last a week.

School Holiday Plans F*#ked

Which means that this weekend – the first of the school winter holidays – has had to be cancelled. We had planned to go away. Also we had plans for next Thursday for a few days but we may have to cancel that also.

It will go on, I am sure. And all because after testing hundreds of thousands of people they have found a handful of “cases”. No bodies piling up in the street. No mass hospitalisations. Just a few “cases”. Now I am not going to go into this one again, it’s really not worth it. If you still buy into any of this bullshit now then what’s the point? Really?!


Naturally, everyone is jumping on the panic bandwagon. The kids football (soccer if you prefer) matches on Saturday morning have been cancelled as have other sports that kids take part in for local leagues, like netball and basketball.

Why can’t kids be allowed to run around outside, in the fresh air, keeping fit, enjoying life while getting a good old dose of vitamin D (the forecast is for a clear sunny day)? If there is a definition of being “Un-Australian” in a nation that prides itself on sporting prowess, then this has to be it. Parents can keep their distance – easier than in a supermarket – and even wear masks outside if they wish. What on earth is the problem?

Of course the professional rugby and Aussie rules games will no doubt go ahead this weekend. But the kids? Classic hypocrisy we have come to expect in these “covid times”. We also had Dani booked into a soccer camp (called Soccer Joeys) for a couple of days next week and this too has been cancelled. What a bunch of wankers!

Anyway, pointless dwelling on the negatives. We already know these fools are total wankers. Let’s look for positives…

Keep Calm and Carry On…

To coin that famous old British phrase… And of course that’s exactly what we will do.

So what do you do when you cannot leave the city limits? It’s really quite simple. You get out the (google) map and search for craft beer breweries. Then you plan a brewpub crawl (of sorts). Easy!

Fortunately pubs – and more specifically the craft beer brewery’s own pubs – are still open (I really hope I haven’t tempted fate here!?). As luck would have it there is a genuine “cluster” of them in one part of Sydney. So tomorrow (Saturday) we will go on a mini (brewery) pub crawl and sample some fine locally made ales. Taking great care to book the first stop so as to ensure we can get some food inside us. Looking at the map and the half planned route we should be able to walk to two others quite easily. Maybe more? Famous last words…

So; no sport for my son tomorrow but a tour of the artisan brewing scene instead. I am sure he won’t mind. Naturally this old dad will report on the local brew-pub scene and their sampled wares in a day or two (or three…)

Proof that every cloud has a silver lining… Or should that be: Every cluster has a silver lining?


No sooner had I posted this article than the New South Wales government announced that our area is basically in lockdown. they say it isn’t “lockdown” but effectively it is. We are not even supposed to leave this area. Starting from midnight tonight and lasting for one week. The first week of school holidays.

What did I say above? “I really hope I haven’t tempted fate here!?”. Bloody hell! Wankers!

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