Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Possibly Get More Ridiculous

I know I said in a previous post that it is time to concentrate on the positives and try to ignore this covid crap… But this one just takes ‘stupid’ to a whole new level. So I have to write about it…

The Prime Minister of South Australia, Steven Marshall (and his merry men/women) have just ordered tighter restrictions without a single covid case in the state. That’s right. Not one “case” of covid; yet they have jumped on that panic bandwagon and enforced new “restrictions”. This includes mandatory mask wearing and they are calling it “pre-emptive restrictions”. What a joke! Completely irrational.

No “case”. Nothing. Not even a PCR test ‘false positive’ for fuck sake!! What the hell is wrong with these politicians? Talk about power going to their heads! They are just control freaks. Proof for sure that this is all part of some other agenda rather than virus/health related.

Meanwhile the bodies continue to pile up in the streets of Sydney. Pretty soon there won’t be enough healthy people to remove them. I wonder if there are any jobs going; walking the streets while ringing a bell and shouting “Bring out your dead”? What did they call those people? Anyone know? Now that was what a proper pandemic looked like! They knew how to do one in mid 14th century Europe.

OK, OK. I made that up. But surely by now you see how ridiculous all this is? They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I am not sure about that one. But I can say without doubt that politicians like Marshall are definitely the lowest form of shit.

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